Pew Pew

Hailed by many as one of the best shooter games available for free download on the App Store, Pew Pew has certainly lived up to its name ever since it was released. The game is a multidirectional shooter that's actually similar to Geometry Wars and another shooter game we've reviewed here in Frostclick, called Grid Wars. It plays perfectly on both the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Similar to Grid Wars, the game features a ton of retro graphics, an assortment and a bombardment enemies as well as a very cool gameplay. Give the game a try.


Out of the countless iPhone games available, it's often tough to find the ones that are actually worth checking out. Well, Overkill is one game that's definitely worth downloading. Developed by seven man-developing studio, Craneball Studios, LLC; the game is fast gaining steam. In fact, as of March 20th this year, it has become one of the most downloaded free game on iTunes. Some of its biggest draw include fantastic graphics, awesome gameplay, and best of all, it's offered absolutely free. The game is perfect if you need some stress buster in between breaks or simply if you want to inject some fun and chaos into a boring afternoon.

Paper Dreams

Incessantly compared to Ad Nauseum 2, Paper Dreams is an entertaining handrawn shooter from Zack Banack. The game features three difficulty levels, but even the "Easy" option will test out even the most patient gamers. This shooter was created for the GameJolt Weekend Jam and was done in basically two days. Despite the short creation period, the game is insanely difficult to even finish. According to the developer's site, the game is ported to flash by Kristian Macanga. If you're up for a good challenge, then you might want to give this one a go and see if you can even finish one level.


0space is a cool game that was developed for TIGSource's versus-themed competition. This amazing game can accommodate between 2-4 players at any one time on the same PC. It was created by Beau Blyth and definitely a game worth trying. The game is still in its beta stages but it has been slowly gaining a solid fanbase. It only features 8 maps right now but there are plans to expand, eventually. It also gives players a good range of deathmatch options, amazing gameplay and so much more. This fun multiplayer space shooter is available for free download on Windows. Head for the Teknopants website and get to gaming!


Originally available for sale on the iPhone store, Ngmoco has finally changed their minds and made Dropship available as a free download. Praised by many as "one of the best shooter games" on the device; it's certainly won its fair share of fans. The game allows you to test your skills as a dropship captain; ferrying human passengers using tractor beams. Graphics feature a colorful Tron-esque world of blocks and beams. This is the fourth game from the developers and it seems that they definitely got it down to pat. It's an excellent game that's certainly worth checking out. Grab the download and start playing!

Raccord Sniper

Raccord Sniper is an experimental new indie game that comes from the creator of Loop Raccord and UFO On Tape. The game is a cool shooter that lets you play as the Raccord Police. Your goal is to search for weird furniture or other items inside various apartments and to actually shoot them down. The game was developed by Nicolai Troshinsky and is definitely a cool take on the usual shooting game genre. Although the developer admits to not intentionally creating a series of games based on raccord, so far, he has done two games with the same subject on the main page. Raccord Sniper was done entirely from recycled pictures of the IKEA catalogue; definitely a neat little game worth your while.


Sombreros is a remake of an old Action 52 game. It's given new life, better gameplay, not to mention, great graphics by Dustin Gunn. In this game, you play a Mexican packing a big gun and an even bigger sombrero. Your main objective is to collect more of these giant hats from your enemies. Go on a shootout or simply duel with them one by one. The game is pretty interesting. It's a bit on the short side but definitely worth your while. Created as an Action 52 remake, this arcade shooter features top down shooting. You can sense the many inspirations from western movies and games as well as in the original game.

Radial Plus

Radial Plus is a unique little action game that was initially created for the Something Awful Game Dev Challenge. Although it may look like a typical arena shooter there is one cool twist with Radial Plus' gameplay. Instead of directly hitting the enemy to take them out, you would need to find a suitable angle and fire away before you can actually cause damage to the enemy ship. It's amazing how one little shift in game rules can affect the entire game. This minor change in gameplay results in a creative and challenging game that requires you to think ahead of where your next shot will go. Apart from this, the game is quite enthralling both in sound as well as in graphics. It's this little detail that makes this game worthy of your time.

Robotz DX

Combine old school graphics and some basic shooter gameplay and you get a retro looking shooter game in the form of Robotz DX. True to most retro shooter games, this one is incredibly difficult to master. All 30 levels will give you a good run for your money as you go through each stage. Initially based on an Atari game, Robotz; this game is new and improved yet retains the old school touch quite awesomely. Remade by Josh Monkman, the game beautifully captures the feel and gameplay of the original. Retaining some of the essential elements while adding a more updated look to capture the hearts of modern gamers. It's no joke that the game is difficult to beat so gather up patience and a lot of free time before diving in.