Gravity Bone

Gravity Bone is a short game that features a tale of espionage, fun and gorgeous graphics and gameplay that clocks in at, more or less, 20 minutes. However, despite this short game time, the game provides great depth in characters and actually works great in sucking you into its own world. Follow and complete all the mission objectives as a secret agent and complete all stages of the game, yes, all two levels of it.


Obake is a cool platformer game that features unique and fun gameplay. It is a Japanese platformer game that has a similar gameplay to that of favorites, Mario and Kirby. It's also filled with the same charm and fun elements contained in both games. Enjoy over 50 levels as you play the titular "Obake" or basically, a ghost. Fight and possess more than 20 different enemies and have an excellent time.

Lyle in Cube Sector

There is something about retro looking games that make them so much fun to look at. Moreover, if they incorporate a fun and addictive gameplay with it, then you certainly have a winner. Lyle in Cube Sector fits into this category easily. It combines the fun gameplay of Super Mario 2 along with lovable characters and solid storyline. Basically, the bad guy steals your cat and you would do anything to get your precious cat back.

Coffee Break PacMan

Coffee Break PacMan is a small replica of the arcade game – PacMan. This small game application combines the simple design of the original game with everyday working convenience. This is the perfect little game for you to open up (like it’s name suggests) during your ‘coffee break’.