Magic Planet Snack

Here's another wizard you can learn to love. Magic Planet Snack is a colorful game that finds you playing a wizard that has accidentally turned himself into a worm. Now, you go on a quest to satisfy your hunger and devour the rest of the wizards that don't like you very much. In your journey, you end up devouring plenty of sweets and other tasty treats. You even chew your way and devour entire worlds just to quench your appetite. In the process, you gain points. Magic Planet Snack features fun and pastel bright colors. It also has a fun gameplay that anybody can enjoy off the bat. The actual storyline is a bit morbid (read it here) but thank god, the developers don't really dwell on it that much. Anyway, this'll certainly give you a good time for an hour or two.

Cut & Paste

Cut & Paste isn't your typical sidescroller game. This cute and engaging game was actually a finalist in IGF China 2010. The game features unconventional gameplay, where players will need to cut and paste objects in order to complete puzzles and obstacles. In the game, you can use a handrawn character to move from left to right. The entire game is like a big flipbook and your character can jump from one page to the next. You can also go back several pages if you need to. As you go through the pages, you sometimes encounter pictures that are of a different shade; you can cut these and keep it in your inventory. Easily paste it onto another page that requires the item that you obtained. Definitely a cool game you should try out.

Super Crate Box

Super Crate Box is one piece of arcade marvel that you'll either absolutely love or absolutely hate. If you hate 8-bit pixel art or retro, shallow gaming; then you might want to steer clear. However, if you have always fantasized reliving the wonderful times when players played video games just to have their names emblazoned onto that shiny and shimmery 'Top Score" list; then this game will be your best friend for a good while.

To Hell with Johnny

In To Hell with Johnny, you find yourself having the worst of luck. Nothing goes right. First, you suffer a broken car. Second, a storm comes in an bombards you. To top it off, your girlfriend gets kidnapped by demons. So now you have to go ahead and rescue here; going through hell and encountering countless vile creatures. This is where your journey begins, as you attempt to rescue your girlfriend while fending off monsters that you encounter. The game is offered as a free download in both IndiePub and Michi . The former contains updated graphics and new creatures. The game can also be purchased if you want to go ahead and help out the developer.

Dash and the Stolen Treasure

Dash and the Stolen Treasure is a cool platformer made by 5 university students, namely, Joel Roset, Josep Catala, Marc Veiga, Marcos Herraiz and Carles Fernandez. All of them are from Spain. Dash and the Stolen Treasure contains fun gameplay and simple yet entertaining game design. Because of this, it's hard not to compare it to another classic platformer, Crash Bandicoot. Instead of a sly bandicoot though, you get to play, Dash, a pirate who is afraid of the water for some reason. Even though he's just a kid, he seems to have collected all sorts of treasure with him. Unfortunately, his treasure gets stolen by a nasty gang, the Blind Shark Pirates! Our hero then sets off on an adventure to recover his lost treasures, collect coins and exact his revenge.


Nezumiman is a parody/tribute to the NES game, Mega Man. This cool 2d shooter platformer lets you play as a rat that can do almost anything Megaman can do (including the infamous sliding maneuver that became prominent since Mega Man 3.) The game is quite simple to play unlike Mega Man, but it is fun. Your goal is to defeat the evil, Dr. Gyoniku and a his gang of evil rat-like creatures. There are 8 levels in total and you have to beat every single boss in the level to advance. Almost every single aspect is similar to the blue robot series, the only marked difference is the graphics and instead of fighting big bad weird robots, you just fight off weird animals. Pretty cool game that's worth your time.

Jable’s Adventure

Developer Jason "Jajitsu" Boyer has come up with one of the most entertaining, not to mention very funny little platformer called Jable's Adventure. It's about a kid who has a squid on his head. The squid suddenly shows up one day and proclaims Jabel to be the hero. Meanwhile, Jabel is curious about this "hero" thing and decides to go along. He then sets off  in these adventures where he bother's mermaids, shoots bears and other weird creatures. This fun game contains amazing graphics that  you didn't even think was possible in pixel art. Even better is that the game contains an awesome soundtrack (which you can download separately) as well as great gameplay. It's a bit short at under an hour, depending on your speed, but it's definitely a fun play. So if you have nothing better to do, have a go at playing this highly entertaining platformer.