Tiny Barbarian

Tiny Barbarian is a cute little platformer where you play a minuscule barbarian who falls in love with the enemy. In this case, a mysterious frost woman who appears out of nowhere bringing in hordes of zombies, wolves and other enemies down your path. The game is simple but it's very entertaining and fun to play. It was developed by Michael Stearns and the music was especially created by Jeff Ball. It's a game worth checking out. The storyline was originally based on R.E.Howard Conan story, "The Frost Giant's Daughter." Give the game a download by clicking the Download Game link now.


Precision is an interesting platformer from one of the most prominent indie game developers today, Cactus. This one's about 3 years old but it's still very entertaining to play. Basically, your goal is to jump atop several buildings while collecting green bottles along the way. The game was initially created last 2008 and has gained quite a lot of fans, like most Cactus games often do. Taking a cue from the title, the game requires plenty of precision when it comes to helping the little dude get through each level. As expected from the developer, this one pushes the box a little further and provides players with a little something more. Give the game a download by hitting the download link right now.

GunGirl 2

GunGirl 2 is a Side-Scroller, Action/Adventure Game, created by Paul Schneider. After choosing to become a gun girl or a gun dude (depending on which gender you prefer), a player is then released into a zombie infested world. To put it simply, the aim of this game is to make it through each of its levels, killing zombies-while also evading their touch. Eventually, a player will find the demon responsible for creating the zombie-apocalypse and defeat it. This game also adds the ability to gain power ups and these can be used to upgrade personal attributes. Furthermore, it is important to mention that there is a lot of gore involved in the graphics of this game. This is definitely a selling point for blood-thirsty gamers who love to see the consequences of their attacks, although, I would not recommend this game to anyone below the age of 15.


SuteF is a complicated and challenging puzzle platformer that will truly delight your senses. It's a cool game where you will need to shove around boxes, avoid laser beams, scale walls and activate switches. Your main goal for doing this would be escape from the "Abyss." This game is actually an updated version of an eerie, but interesting game called Fetus. Of course, suteF is more advanced and fleshed out. It contains new mechanics that will intrigue and challenge both old and new gamers alike. Each puzzle is creatively done, plus the entire game resonates with a semi dark atmosphere without going overboard. This one easily takes the cake as among the best puzzle games of 2010.


GodFinger lets you play "god" by giving you a chance to be in charge of your own world. It's a nifty free game for the iPad, iPhone and iTouch that is quite addictive. The gameplay is similar to the Sims in which you have to create and control your characters. The goal is to gather up as many followers as possible so that plenty of people will come live in your planet. The game is simple but fairly entertaining and very addictive. Most of the objectives unfold on real time so it gives players a chance to grow with the game. Although the premise has been done before, there's no denying the fact that it's still manages to conjure up hordes of players. The game's interactive gameplay, graphics and cute little characters turn this basic game into something so much more. Give it a download.

Survivor: The Living Dead

Haven't gotten over zombies yet? Here's another one you might want to take a chunk off. Survivor - The Living Dead is nothing new in terms of concept. You play a 20 year old girl by the name of Amber Chaplin who witnesses her brother's violent death in the hands of a zombie. To save herself, she flees and comes upon a large house that seems to be infested with the walking dead. Will she survive or will she turn into the next best grub for these zombies? Survivor definitely takes almost all the elements of a good zombie game and meshes them into one big and highly entertaining game. You get big guns, a heroine that's not immune to zombies and actually gets tired when sprinting too much and simply an awesome gameplay.

Neon Plat2

NeonPlat2 is a colorful and slightly psychedelic platformer. Created by Jayenkai, it's actually an update from last year's version. This one does feel brand new though, with great graphics and much more coherent gameplay. They've also incorporated a co-op version so you and your friends can easily play at the same time. In the game, you find yourself bouncing, or better yet, falling off platforms that are floating through space. You can only complete a level if you "fall" and color all of the white \platforms. Along the way, you collect balls, take down enemies and even collect energy balls. The game can be fun and addicting to play. It also carries some serious HD graphics which add to the already enjoyable gameplay.


Octodad is cool new game that features an octopus acting like a human being. The game's theme focuses on destruction, deception and even fatherhood. Now, how those three things actually make for a good game. It's up to you to find out. One thing's for sure though, even though there are some really weird storylines going on. The game is quite fun to play. The game was created by several students at DePaul University in Chicago. It was started last June and developed and prepped to serve as an entry for the Independent Games Festival Student Showcase at the 2011 Game Developers Conference. This journal-style, third person game is filled with funny moments, odd game controls and lots of destruction. Definitely a game worth trying out.

Open Sonic

If you are a big Sonic the Hedgehog fan and enjoy the many titles that was released under Sega back in the day; you'll be glad to know that now there's a free version that you can download and play. Open Sonic is a free Sonic game that reflects the original style of gameplay (along with some modern twists). The game is released by The cool thing about this game is that it contains almost everything that you've come to love from playing this blue hedgehog. The graphics are great and you carry almost every skill that Sonic and his friends have. Enjoy this awesome open source version of Sonic and his friends. You'll definitely have a grand time getting in touch with your inner kid.