Full Feature Film

Metal Gear Solid: Philanthropy – a fan film for MGS lovers

Solid Snake finally gets some face time on the big screen. Okay, so this might not exactly be "the" Metal Gear movie that everyone is dying to see, but for a fan made film, this one certainly hits all the right notes. Metal Gear Solid: Philanthropy is a low budget film created by a group of young Italian students and filmmakers. They dub themselves as the Hive Division and the group took on a massive undertaking by adapting Hideo Kojima's Metal Gear Solid videogame into a full blown 70-minute film. For a film with no budget, the effects are awesome and for a split second it will even make you wonder whether it's necessary to have a Hollywood version at all.

Infest Wisely – sci-fi feature in seven episodes centered around nanotechnology

Nanotechnology gets out hand and becomes viral. Infest Wisely is a seven episode lo-fi science fiction independent film that revolves around the hazards of using nanotechnology. The film has seven different episodes coming from seven different directors although each episode was written by creator Jim Munroe. Each piece revolves in its own story, but are somehow all intertwined within the main plot of the movie. The movie is released under a creative commons license. According to Munroe, "It was free to make, so it's free to watch."

Route 66: An American (bad) Dream – America through the Windows of a Beat Up Cadillac

Three Germans, a camera, a beat up red Cadillac, and 2451 miles of the US highway. For many foreigners, America is treated as the "land of milk and honey." It's a place where almost anything is possible, where the sacred and the mundane exist together; where the lines of fantasy and reality are blurred together; and where "it feels so surreal that it feels like heaven." Route 66 - An American Dream is a documentary created by three German travelers who wish to experience and see America. They travel different States, sleep in their near death Cadillac, travel the infamous Route 66 and discover America.

OCEANIA – a full-feature film by Harry Dehal

Heartbreak, broken homes and teenagers. Those three things are the main elements that you'll find in Oceania. The film is written and directed by Harry (Harpreet) Dehal and revolves around the lives of teenagers as they handle the breakup of their parent's marriage in a small California coastal town. Although the storyline is a bit jaded, the storytelling and cinematic style is intriguing at best. For a film done on less than a $4,000 "lifetime savings" for then 17 year old Dehal, it's a film that showcases what a whiz kid, a camera, a passion for storytelling and film can do.

Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning – Meet Captain James Pirk!

Perhaps one of the most elaborate fan movies ever made, Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning is definitely a movie to watch if you want a good laugh. A movie that started off as five friends decided to create a good satirical and dark sci-fi comedy about a crazed leader who is set on world domination, Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning certainly doesn’t disappoint. Under the direction of Timo Vuorensola, this movie parodies both the Star Trek and the Babylon 5 universe. Why not join "Captain Pirk" and the "CPP Kickstart" crew as they hatch up a plan to t

“Nasty Old People” – free full feature movie by Hanna Sköld

The film's central character is Mette (Febe Nilsson), a rather callous and rebellious 19-year-old neo-Nazi gang member, whose day job is taking care of old and sick people from whom death seems to approach way too slowly each long and painful day. The irony in Mette's icy demeanor and her day-to-day responsibilities creates an interesting series of possibilities that are both amusing and provocative. Mette eventually rediscovers herself and her own restrained longing for love and acceptance as her life becomes tightly intertwined with the varied lives of the old people that she interacts with everyday. They have all become characters in a unique fairy tale world, and as she realizes this, she is changed forever.

The Last Man On Earth (1964)

Many of you have probably seen the box office hit I Am Legend (2007) starring Will Smith. If you found the entire premise fascinating - a post-apocalyptic world dominated by vampiric zombies infected with a nasty virus - you should watch its predecessor, The Last Man On Earth starring Vincent Price and directed by Ubaldo Ragona and Sidney Salkow. It was released way back in 1964 and is now considered a classic film in the science fiction/ horror genre, influencing a host of popular films today such as Night of the Living Dead.

Royal Baronial Theatre: Here. My Explosion…

"Here. My Explosion..." is a free full feature film from Reid Gershbein & the Royal Baronial Theatre. Released under Creative Commons license, the film can be freely downloaded & shared with others - as a matter of fact, the film creators encourage it! The films soundtrack is also available as a free download (under CC license of course). Written, directed, shot and edited almost entirely by Reid Gershbein in just two weeks, "Here. My Explosion..." is a great example of what a talented filmmaker can do nowadays with little to no money.