Full Feature Film

The Legend of Action Man (Dingoman Productions)

For a $200 budget, independent movie outfit, Dingoman Productions has created a funny and very entertaining film. Now, the poster might not be much to look at but trust me, this one will be worth it. The Legend of Action Man is a 100 minute film about a guy who likes to dress up like a superhero. Everything would have been dandy if only he wasn't the one causing so much of the problem in the first place. Think Kick-Ass minus the Hollywood costumes, special effects and budget. Created by Derek Papa and Andy Young, the storyline was based on a short film that the duo created while they were still in highschool. With more time on their hands, they've turned their quirky idea into a hilarious, home made, short film that's worth checking out.

Roskilde: The Experience 2008

Heard so much about Denmark's infamous music festival but simply too far away to witness it yourself? Now you can do this with Roskilde - The Experience 2008. These set of movies aim to bring the feel of the festival towards various audiences from across the globe.


Valkaama is a story about fate. Two people who's lives are actually intertwined with each other, end up travelling together in search of a mythical community somewhere in the North of Finland. The title Valkaama is actually derived from two Finnish words, meaning "home" and "polar night." The movie is purely open sourced and licensed under creative commons. It has received countless praises both from online communities as well as local publications. The film is based on a novel by Hendrick Behnisch’s of the same title. Made and shot with no budget and relying heavily on the internet as a means of distribution, the film allows both amateur and professionals to create their own versions of the film with the help of its open source licenses.

Four Eyed Monsters

Four Eyed Monsters is one of the latest movies the FrostClick/FrostWire team is co-promoting with VODO and in my opinion - one of the best ones we've had so far. It's not new - it has been released in 2005 - but it's a very current, captivating and beautifully executed narrative feature. The movie tells a real story of a relationship created online and cultivated for months solely via means of artistic expression - drawings, notes, emails and physical contact - no speaking! As the couple gets more and more attached to each other tensions rise, expectations change and insecurities come out. Question remains - will the relationship survive if it becomes to grounded in reality!?! Is it love?


Charbel, The Movie is based on the life of a Lebanese saint who abandons everything in his life and dedicates his lifetime performing miracles and healing people. He was a Lebanese monk that lived in the 19th century and is a well respected saint by both Christians and Muslims in Lebanon. The movie chronicles the entire life of the Saint, shown through a flashback after he climbs to the top of a mountain monastery, preparing for death.


What would happen if Satan was a rebellious adolescent acting up after arguing with his dad, the big G? Riverpool is an experimental walkmovie that explores this exact premise. The film runs for about 69 minutes and captures the life of a teen Satan (or Lucifer, depending on what your preference) as she runs away from her home and touches down to Earth. She refuses to return "home" until her dad accepts her for who she is, so she is left wandering until now.

Point of Departure

Three people wake up in a hotel room, not knowing who they are, how they got there and why. Point of Departure is an interesting film from German based independent film outfit, Retsina Films. The film follows the three main characters in trying to figure out where they are and who they are. The intrigue of how they lived their lives and why they ended up in an unknown place is part of the intrigue that surrounds the film.

Stray Cinema

If you have been looking for way to try out film making but you simply don't have the resources and time to put together and entire set, gather a cast, and find the ideal location, then you might want to give Stray Cinema a try. What is Stray Cinema? It's an open source film that lets you use the raw footage and allow you to piece together each one to create your very own movie. Essentially, the challenge is to create your own version, maybe even better than the director's take of the film. The program will let you edit the raw footage so you can make the film entirely your own. Straycinema.com also holds contests and conducts screenings based on the participants' works. So if you have been looking for something to help you give film making a try, Stray Cinema could be your best bet.