Short Film

Done the Impossible – The Fan’s Tale of Firefly and Serenity [A Documentary]

It's about time the Firefly geeks take center stage. Done the Impossible chronicles the birth of the cult TV show Firefly. The only difference is that its told through the eyes of the fanboys and girls who made the show a hit. Moreover, it relates of how they came to be a key in helping to create it counterpart movie, Serenity. Done the Impossible compiles interviews of cast, crew and fans of the show. It showcases their passion for Firefly and their struggles in keeping the show afloat. The cast and crew also join in on the action and share funny and insightful experiences they had in the show. So if you are a big Firefly geek, then you've hit the jackpot on this one.
World Builder

World Builder – a strange man builds a world using holographic tools for the woman he loves

The film starts with hologram images up in the air, with a man lying down, flipping over these images with his finger. On his right arm is a digitized timer, projecting 59:59 – a second less than an hour for him to do what he’s got to do. “World Builder” is an award-winning romantic science fiction that was written, directed, and produced by Bruce Branit, a visual effects connoisseur well-known for co-creating “405” with Jeremy Hunt. For about nine minutes, “World Builder” will take you on a journey into a virtual world where all emotions are profound and for real. One man builds a world, one woman takes a little stroll, and the rest is for the creative imagination of the audience. The film was created with Newtek LightWave3D, EyeOn Digital Fusion, Adobe Photoshop and Premiere, and Dell Computers. Kudos to Randy Skach and Jason Sartain for a neat work on the musical score and music production, respectively.

MUTO – a wall-painted animation by BLU licensed under Creative Commons

When I first came across this animation I couldn't believe how much work and imagination went into creating it. There is really no storyline or a clear message - "Muto" is just "an ambiguous animation painted on public walls" - yet for over 7 minutes it keeps you glued to the screen waiting for what creature is going to come out of the animator's brush next. To allow everybody to freely share this animation, Blu has licensed it under CC. Enjoy.

No Way Through – award winning short film by Alexandra Monro & Sheila Menon

No Way Through is strong and powerful visualization of a "shocking reality of Palestinian life in the West Bank uncomfortably close to home". The very simple storyline highlights how one of the basic human rights is being continuously broken in the region. The short, written and directed by Alexandra Monro & Sheila Menon was a 2009 Ctrl Alt Shift Film Competition Winner and created quite a bit of conversation both online and off.

The Wintress

The Winstress is a 26-minute suspense-psychological thriller about an abused wife, Liz (Stephanie Johnson), who recently discovers that she can stand up for herself, and she is strong enough to face her fears, the worst of which is her violent husband, Sam (Heath). The film's writer and director, Bill Everman, also stars in the film as Mike, a longtime friend of Heath. It seems Mike is very close to the couple, and so it is easy to see why he decides to drop by at their place when Heath didn't show up at work one day. As tight as their bond may be, Mike, Liz and Heath are only about to discover the true depth of their friendship.

VODO Mixtape #1

FrostWire & FrostClick have supported VODO releases since the beginning and we've enjoyed every single one of them. This month we would like to present the first of VODO mixtapes - compilations of short films by creators who want their content to be distributed on the P2P network and beyond, freely shared and seen by as many people as possible. This installment contains six shorts: Gilbert, Prebloc , Bitter Sweet, Luckiest One, Lilah & Watch Alice Bleed.

Maud & Leo: A Road Movie to Think About

Maud & Leo is written, directed and produced by Jonny von Wallstr�m, Akram Janzi, and Tobias Rydin. The movie is about the bond that�s formed between an elderly woman in her 50s who sets out on a reluctant goal and by chance encounters a 22 year old, uber talkative musician, who was thrown out of his band. They find themselves unlikely partners out on a road trip and end up bickering and arguing with each other. However, in the end they find the respect and meaning they have sought for most of their lives.

Pigeon: Impossible by Lucas Martell – technically stunning and hilarious 3D Pixar-style animated short

"Pigeon: Impossible" is the tale of Walter, a rookie secret agent faced with a problem seldom covered in basic training: what to do when a curious pigeon gets trapped inside your multi-million dollar, government-issued nuclear briefcase. This animated short movie is not only technically impressive, but also very well crafted in terms of the story line, keeping the viewer truly entertained for the entire 6 minutes.