FreeCAD is a cross platform parametric modeler that lets you create professional looking 3D objects. While the program has a lot of powerful features, no prior 3D or CAD experience is required. Not only is it easy enough for the hobbyist, but it’s got enough power for experienced CAD users who need advanced features.


AppCleaner by Freemacsoft removes installed Mac applications entirely. There is a misconception that deleting a file is enough to get rid of it. To completely remove a program, cache and support files have to be taken out. To do this, you have to go to the library, which is tedious. AppCleaner does the job automatically. The app has drag and drop features, so operation is straightforward. Drop a program on AppCleaner; the program and its related files will be deleted.
260 EP


Up for chilling and relaxing? We have your perfect companion. Blvnt Records gives us another free-to-download smash in the form of the jazzy 260 EP by G Mills. Though the entire thing ticks around just under 10 minutes, listeners are still in for a laid-back auditory session that will make one clamor for a longer one. [Hey, we can’t have everything!]