Chill Carrier: Sunday Classics, Vol. 2

How would your most chill Sunday morning look? If you just imagined it surrounded with chill downbeat/electronic sounds you are in luck as Sunday Classics, Vol.2 by no other than Chill Carrier is right here to treat you to the most chill 13 tracks, all free and under Creative Commons. So carry on.

StrangeZero: Nanofly

Are you itching to go on a feel trip? StrangeZero‘s newest album is your ideal companion. Founded in 1998 by Greek friends Stelios and Io-V, their ambient wet dreams have been a composite of trance music’s former glory and today’s sweeping EDM rhythms — all in bite-sized quantities. With their latest release, Nanofly, the duo promises to “travel with machines, dreams, and whispering screams.”