Krakenti: Mice Plan

I was familiar with Krakenti’s work in the context of heavy industrial music – kind of like Trent Reznor in his angrier days. While I do like industrial, I find that most independent industrial albums can get very same-y after a while. Thus, I was pleasantly surprised to see that Krakenti’s latest release on Bumpfoot, Mice Plan, was described as a mix of “various styles,” industrial blended with trip-hop and ambient. I wasn’t disappointed.

Jimmy Behan – In the Sudden Distance

Jimmy Behan is one of those artists I kind of discovered accidentally. I had a couple of his releases on my hard drive, but they were mixed in with a lot of other things I'd downloaded at approximately the same time, so I didn't really notice they were there. Then occasionally a track would pop up on shuffle, and I'd think, this is great, who is this? I'd look at the name, and nine times out of ten it would be Jimmy Behan. So I dug his releases out and gave them a proper listen.

Ten and Tracer’s Tsotsitaal – hurry and jump on the very slow bandwagon

Ambient music is one of those things that people either hate or really hate, and I used to be in both those groups until an ambient-loving friend of mine sat me down to set me straight. "You don't have to have songs shoved down your throat," he said. "Just close your eyes and float, and you'll find that music is all around you." At the time I rolled my eyes at the tree-hugginess of it all, but really I do take his point.

SaReGaMa “Samadhi” – relax, concentrate and unwind

It has been a proven fact that meditation can help people lower their stress levels, and thereby eliminate stress-related diseases such as migraine and asthma. And SaReGaMa has the perfect music for your meditation sessions - Samadhi. Samadhi means 'the highest state of mental concentration or absorption that a person can achieve while still bound to the body and which unites him with the highest reality.' This album includes a total of 9 cuts that will surely transport you to your own samadhi.

FrostClick Special Sampler Mixtape by Enough Records

Enoughrecords compiled a sampler mixtape especially for Frostclick! Get a taste of the netlabel's best electronica, postrock, industrial, drone, and ambient by Sugar Overdose, Ikimashoo Aoi, Jenifer ?vila, Gilo, Nagra, Violet and the Mutants to name a few. The album is quick and dirty, with a lot of gritty vocals, heavy bass and electronic beats. The collection of songs is solid - everything works so well together since the sequence and combination of the songs is obviously well thought of.

General Fuzz

Soulful trip-hop, ambient, electronica of professional positive mood comes to you at no price but for the pure enjoyment of your time, ears and mind all thanks to General Fuzz. Download the 5 free albums available under Creative Commons.