UK electronic duo KOAN Sound have earned a reputation over the years for their terse, explosive EPs. While their first few tracks gained them recognition as gifted dubstep producers, the duo went on, in the following years, to play with a wider range of electronica styles – like neurohop, glitch-hop, and moombahcore. On their latest offering, Forgotten Myths, we see the artists further expanding their arsenal of influences.

Forgotten Myths combines together the duo’s signature glitch hop style with some chaotic, abrasive drum and bass. There couldn’t be a better mood setter for the EP than the opener, Strike, with its groovy pulse and squelching basslines. The tone is heady and chaotic.

Upon first listen, it is impossible to miss the intricacy of KOAN Sound‘s drum programming on the EP. One must only listen to the skittering breabeats on Views from Above or the gradually developing percussion on the title track to see how refined the duo’s drum patterns are. Though these bass-y rhythms may be a staple all through the EP, each track carries with it its own unique design and aura. While Strike and Forgotten Myths are exhilaratingly heavy and action-packed, Sentient and Views From Above charm us with their lush and ambient melodies.

Favorite Track: Sentient


Track List
1. Strike
2. Sentient
3. Forgotten Myths
4. Views From Above

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