Have your own set of interests, but really find it difficult coming across that perfect content to match your satisfaction? Well, StumbleUpon is just the app ready to satisfy taste buds of thousands of smartphone users who just love finding out new stuff connected to their point-of-interest. Created by StumbleUpon Inc, the app work as an extension to the popular website used by nearly 20 million users and just like our desktop companion this little masterpiece gets the job done well in a jiffy.


There are several other apps available on the market that allow users for a free SMS and MMS messaging; and as any good competition goes there are some that are better than others. Hence, here is another feather in the hat with Handcent. The Handcent app gives a very interesting twist to the whole User-Interface of the device without any hiccups. Developed by Handcent themselves, the app is ultra-responsive and lag-free with no glitches (at least nothing I have ever noticed). Yes, it is safe to say, this truly is one-of-the-best apps on the Android Market.

Adobe Flex

How many times have you thought of developing an app, and seeing it in full glory on a particular device or platform? Well, if you have given it a thought, Adobe Flex is the tool for you. This particular software eases the process of developing apps that run seamlessly on the iOS, Android, and Blackberry Tablet OS platforms. The buck does not stop here, with Adobe Flex, developing applications for traditional browsers and desktops is also possible using the exactly the same programming model as for mobile ones.