There are several other apps available on the market that allow users for a free SMS and MMS messaging; and as any good competition goes there are some that are better than others. Hence, here is another feather in the hat with Handcent.

The Handcent app gives a very interesting twist to the whole User-Interface of the device without any hiccups. Developed by Handcent themselves, the app is ultra-responsive and lag-free with no glitches (at least nothing I have ever noticed). Yes, it is safe to say, this truly is one-of-the-best apps on the Android Market.

The app integrates SMS as well as MMS features very smoothly with unmatched features backed by the Handcent network. Further, the app hosts integrated spell-checks and various messaging options. Also, the additional security options gives users the freedom to password protect individual or all messages with a “Privacy Box”.

A great news for all hardcore texting fans, Handcent ups the Android group limitation from 100 to 1,100 and this is really a great number. A particular contact locator plugin syncs with the contact book and helps in tracking the location of friends.

Overall, the app has a host of great features that really need to be experienced. Android owners usually crib about lack of quality in the Android Market, but Handcent really raises the bar a notch higher and will be great to see if other developers also take the same path.

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