Phony Ppl: nothinG special

There’s nothing special on this release from the Phony Ppl, except that it’s super duper special. nothinG special is the second EP from the 8-piece Brooklyn group, composed of Elbee Thrie and Sheriff PJ for vocals, Elijah Rawk for lead guitar, Matt Byas for drums, Aja Grant for keyboards, Bari Bass for bass, Ian Bakerman for guitar, and Temi Okotieuro for saxophone — whew, that’s an awful lot!

Phonyland: Phony Ppl

Indulge in some soul and r&b with Phony Ppl‘s January 2012 release entitled Phonyland. In this collection, the brooklyn-based musical group treats us with thirteen r&b tracks polished and honed to pass even the most astute listeners.

Slowdance: Light & Color EP

Ready for some explosive eletro pop? Slowdance's debut EP Light & Color is a mirror reflection of the group's hip and funky sensibility. Slowdance is a five-piece, Brooklyn-based band composed of Quay Quin-Settel (Vocals), Kyle McKeveny (Guitar), Thomas Quigley (Bass), Luke Fox (Synth), and Sam Koppelman (Drums). Released last September 21, 2011, the album offers four teasing tracks of energy filled pop tunes.

Chantilly – Caught Light

Sweet and refreshing sounds from Brooklyn? Meet Chantilly, a young, energetic singer-songwriter and nine of her lovely quirky pop songs from the latest album, Caught Light. Chantilly is a blogger and an outfit poser (if you don't exactly know what that means be sure to check out her blog for some of the more recent entries), but most importantly Chantilly is a performing artist whose indie-pop songs are filled with beautifully composed melodies and memorable lyrics talking about the wonders of life and love.

Ray Sytes: Guyanese Pride

Ray Sytes came to America from Guyana as a young child with his family like most immigrants for the American Dream. It's here in America that his love for Hip Hop music grew as well as his talent for the art form. He's proud to represent the cities of Brooklyn and Queens in New York with his musical talent.