Sweet and refreshing sounds from Brooklyn? Meet Chantilly, a young, energetic singer-songwriter and nine of her lovely quirky pop songs from the latest album, Caught Light.

Chantilly is a blogger and an outfit poser (if you don’t exactly know what that means be sure to check out her blog for some of the more recent entries), but most importantly Chantilly is a performing artist whose indie-pop songs are filled with beautifully composed melodies and memorable lyrics talking about the wonders of life and love.

Caught Light, recorded with a help of a good friend Danielle DePalma, came to life alongside graduating from Purchase College music conservatory where Chantilly studied music composition. The album, met with year long Northeaster tour, is filled with the nostalgic sounds of acoustic guitar and piano.

But what made me first listen to Caught Light is that each of the songs, although having the same underlying freshness and contribution of Chantilly’s truly unique vocals, is distinctively different further, highlighting the versatility of the artist. From the more melancholic acoustic experience of All I Have, to the more upbeat vocals of An Affair, the folk influence in Infomercial Song, and the warmth of Springtime Travels.

Overall, Caught Light is definitely a worthwhile first album, which, hopefully, will soon be followed by the second release, Songs for Him EP, with Saul Simon Macwilliams, a noted producer working with artists such as Gregory and the Hawk, Chris Garneau, and Jenny Own Youngs. So lets wish Chantilly all the best in the new endeavors.

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