Follow Cupid as he lives his worst day ever in Cupidon, a CG graduation short film for ESMA co-directed by Simon Bau, Clémentine Choplain, Marie Ecarlat, Benoit Huguet, and Julien Soulage. The film tells the story of Cupid and how a major mistake in a pair-up leads him to an unforgettable roller-coaster adventure.

Broke For Free: Broken Remixes Vol1

There’s nothing broken about this set of releases at all. Broken Remixes Vol. 1 by Broke For Free is a cool, acoustic style remixed set that features the musician’s favorite tracks. It is redone according to the artists’ style and serves as a tribute to the original musicians.

A.D.D: Just Wait For It…

A.D.D. is an NYC duo of Amiel Cruz aka Twist and Ben Santiago aka Bennie Black, they've compiled a set of tracks that exude fun and engaging hip hop music. A.D.D. is actually an acronym for “A Dynamic Duo.” They’re fairly new in the scene, having just formed back in 2011. According to their mini bio, they’re not looking to get a record deal, they just want a “team of believers” for their music. Just Wait For It... is an independently produced compilation from the duo. The mini album features 8 cuts that range from pure hip hop rap to touches of pop and R&B.

Beats Antique: Collide

Collide by Beats Antique might be several years old but it has aged beautifully. The album combines a fusion of electronica with world beats created by two formidable artists. It's then topped off by the hypnotizing moves of belly dancer, Zoe Jakes. The main maestros behind this eclectic sound includes, David Satori and Tommy Cappel. Both artists come together from a host of different backgrounds, having performed at their own respective bands and and musical outfits. Together with Zoe Jake, Beats Antique creates an explosive fusion of Western hip hop style beats laced with an undeniable exotic flair.

One Step Forward

At first you wonder why this film won the 48 hour film project, was selected to be shown at the Cannes Film Festival, and gathered awards like the judges had no choice. It began, after all, with plain looking person who appears happy yet dirty and in his long sleeved polo shirt and slacks. That is of course until you reach that part that made your heart skip a bit.

Azoora: A Thousand Ways EP

Almost a year after John Purcell from Azoora recorded the very loved EP "Apart" together with sweet voiced Graciellita, a new jewel from the full band was released in collaboration with the label. Slightly moving away from trip-hop and their electronic sounds, this time around Azoora presents a darker, more indie, post-rock, psychedelic release. It's titled "A Thousand Ways EP" and, surpassing all expectations, it could just be the bands best work to date.

H.W. – Wall Papered Exit Wounds

Despite being new to the scene, young rapper, Hazardous Wastes or H.W. is already getting praises for his sound. It's not just the catchy music he creates but the fact that he's got compelling and interesting lyrics to match. Self described as "the Ben Folds of this rap shit," this Boston-based emcee offers 8 tracks from his latest compilation, Wall Papered Exit Wounds. The introspective rapper shares his insights about recovering from heartbreak as well as discussing general questions about how things turned out the way they did.

Stuedabakerbrown: Strangers We’ll Become

Stuedabakerbrown is an odd name for a band but what others might see as a poor name choice, the band more than makes up for with their sound. Strangers We'll Become is the band's 2010 release. Containing 11 catchy tracks, the album has helped propel the band into the limelight. They've managed to tour with national touring acts like Say Anything and The Spill Canvas. Moreover, much of their catalogs are licensed for use on cable networks like MTV, ESPN etc. Thanks to their refreshing and smart alternative rock, it's hard to dismiss the band as just another altrock number.