Ian Knox: Trilogy

A prolific producer and so much more, Ian Knox is definitely one busy guy. Before devoting his time to producing, he was actually a rapper. In fact, he managed to release two previous albums prior to just going full time as a producer. Currently, he's focusing on production engineering and has come up with this exclusive compilation of beats that's should serve as the perfect ingredient for remixing. Having the capacity to incorporate a lot of different styles, including jumping from electro pop to dub step with ease; it's obvious you're in for a good and smooth ride as you listen to this mix.

Kellee Maize: Integration

For those waiting to hear from superstar independent rapper, Kelle Maize, the long wait is over. Integration is finally here! This explosive new album from the artist features her trademark strong rap vocals, inspiring lyrics and top notch composition, free only on FrostClick through FrostWire! This time around, Kellee delves deeper into her spiritual side. Hints of it were seen in her previous record, Aligned Archetype (which garnered more than 300 thousand downloads here in Frostclick alone) but now she fully embraces it in this record. In her own words, the album is "my efforts to integrate and unify the dualistic sides of myself and the world."

Telepathic Teddy Bear: Reactions

Reactions is one of those records you can put on in a cool house party and leave it playing for a good long time. It's filled with both fun and energetic dance beats as well as quiet electronic pop songs. Telepathic Teddy Bear is actually the pet project of Juan Carlos Padilla; a Mexican singer-songwriter from Monterrey, Nuevo Len but currently based in Boston. The artist has been active in the local Monterrey music scene for some time but it wasn't until late 2010 where he finally managed to release his first EP under the moniker. Reactions is his first full length album. It's a wonderful mix of pop, electronica and indiepop meant for casual listening.

On Returning: A Touch of the Top of the World by

Playing retro alternative indie pop, On Returning, makes certain that people never forget the good old 80s. A Touch of the Top of the World is the group's first major compilation following a short EP release. Their characteristic 80s sounding alternative pop is very much alive and showcased in this record that it'll be hard for people who love the decade to not like this album. Compiling 9 upbeat retro electronica sounding pop in one record, A Touch of the Top of the World, resonates with the same aesthetic as songs from their previous and recent releases. It contains lovely, uptempo indie alternative rock with an 80s synth touch here and there. If you're a big fan of The Cure or maybe yearned for a more rockish Pet Shop Boys, then this record will make you happy.