Orikami Records is an internet label based in Paris, France as well as Tokyo, Japan. Founded by French producers C.M.G (Cookie Monster Galaxy) and 97SPECIAL, the label features Hip-Hop beatmakers who have a love for smooth jazz samples, lo-fi drums, and eastern culture. Orikami has been busy since they’re first release of Yuheht’s Modal View EP back in early 2015. They’ve been touring, adding people to the roster and making new friends along the way. The Orikami & Friends Compilation, showcases the majority of their roster, as well as some popular outside names, such as Saib. and Kazumi Kaneda. The result is a nice variety of Hip-Hop tracks to bump to.

Nymano welcomes us to Orikami with Back Into Town. It’s a perfect example of the smooth jazz samples with a looping jazz guitar riff that’ll be sure to get stuck in your head. Dusty gets featured on the compilation with The Apple Tree. This bump samples a more soulful track but has a more experimental feel with rhythmically sporadic snares. Orikami’s own Lafeyette Ellis dips the album into Future beats (not to be confused with FutureBeats on track 5) with Maiden’s Blush. With gorgeous keys and synths playing a bouncy melody, he crafts a different Hip-Hop beat from the rest of the compilation.

orikami and friends compilation 2

As a collective/label, Orikami is very well put together. They have a solid team, including a designer, a photographer and a host for their radio show on Mixcloud. They’ve been very active on social media as well as with their releases. I’m sure Orikami & Friends Compilation is a good way to look back on who’ve they’ve crossed paths and made memories with. So, grab the compilation today and check out their website with all their social media links.

Track List

  1. Nymano – Back Into Town
  2. Thilonius – Jazz Guitar
  3. Kazumi Kaneda
  4. Madrob-Beats
  5. FutureBeats – LTD (72″)
  6. Dusty – The Apple Tree
  7. Matatabi – I’m Still Here
  8. APO ザ·犬 。 – Afternoon Nap
  9. 97SPECIAL – Bunch of Flowers
  10. Saib. – Christmas Present
  11. Yuke Myras – Myrastrumentals
  12. PatternKlear. – luv_orikami.
  13. Punta Rose – Boba
  14. Lafayette Ellis – Maiden’s Blush
  15. Pehoz. – Impression
  16. Yuheht – Divin’
  17. Soryo The Madmonk – Cool Cats in The Blue Night
  18. Linn Mori – Vibrations

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