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The Freak Fandango Orchestra: Love, death and a drunken monkey

Another band to love for Gogol Bordello lovers. The Freak Fandango Orchestra mixes folk, gypsy, punk, rock and intertwines it with weird lyrics about monkeys and the circus.Describing their sound as the ultimate circus music is definitely a bit of an understatement. Love, Death and a Drunken Monkey is this eclectic group's first compilation and it's the perfect soundtrack if you feel like throwing a folk, barnyard beer slinging party. It definitely won't disappoint.

Sébastien Gramond: It’s A Beautiful Death [2009]

Beautiful 70s style pop psychedelic jazz rock that your parents can relate to. It's A Beautiful Death is a compilation of 16 beautifully crafted tracks that echo the psychedelic 70s, and yes, it does somewhat trigger the same effect as how you would imagine it to be if you were on some illicit substance. Sebastien Gramond is a French multi-instrumentalist that certainly takes things to a higher level. His music is fun, enjoyable and easy to listen to no matter what type of music you're into.

MaelStröM: Let’s dance to … forget

In the mood for a little dance-athon in your own apartment? MaelStröM's Let's Dance to... could work as your soundtrack. Filled with techno, industrial rock sounding tracks, it's enough to induce some rhythmic body spasms voluntarily or involuntarily. Let's dance to... features 12 eclectic, industrial rock songs with a touch of pop that's enough to probably make Trent Reznor even listen twice.

Mel’s: Hey Girl

Young French pop artist that makes you think "pop" is okay again. Even though she might not be the next pop princess, Mel's Hey Girl is a pretty charming album. Coming from such a young singer, the tracks on this mini-album is catchy and fun to listen to. For a first release, Hey Girl is a solid compilation of 5 beautiful melodic pop rock tracks that you can play in your Ipod on a laid-back day. Mel's albums, including her latest, Take Advantage, are released under a creative commons license.

The Scribblenauts: Low Light Turbulance

This week FrostClick & FrostWire bring you a debut album from The Scribblenauts – a talented hip-hop trio out of Boston. Each of them has been pursuing a solo career before these friends decided to combine their musical abilities to create an even better product. Their debut album is a mature and well composed release. Each track was easy to listen to and there was no unnecessary attempt at going over the top.

Kemuzik: Kemuzik One

Kemuzik One is a beautiful collection filled with tracks that are perfect for any type of listener out there. All of the songs are being offered for free by their respective artists and compiled into this 13- song collection by Przemek Bobins. The album is filled with quiet, folk indie tracks that seem to serve as a perfect background album for your moody Saturday afternoon. Bobins promises that this won't be the first and the last compilation, so while waiting for the upcoming good stuff; sink your teeth into this one for now.

I Am This: Spinning Into Control

Spinning Into Control by I Am This is a tightly-packed drum n' bass album. From fast beats to slow beats, and various electronica-techno breakbeats, this music album is surely packed with all those beats that can get you going from start to the end. This album features the popular track Sea of Something, garnering almost 1400 listens in Jamendo.

Yachar “Tu y Solo Tu” – magical, passionate instrumentals

There are times when you simply have to snuggle down in your bed, light some candles, and listen to some music which transports you back to the times when you've watched fairy tale cartoons as a child. Or maybe you need to have that special music when you ask your special someone over for a special candlelight dinner. However you want the situation to be, Yanchar's Tu y Solo Tu would give you the magical and passionate ambiance that you are looking for.