Another band to love for Gogol Bordello lovers. The Freak Fandango Orchestra mixes folk, gypsy, punk, rock and intertwines it with weird lyrics about monkeys and the circus.Describing their sound as the ultimate circus music is definitely a bit of an understatement.

Love, Death and  a Drunken Monkey is this eclectic group’s first compilation and it’s the perfect soundtrack if you feel like throwing a folk, barnyard beer slinging party. It definitely won’t disappoint.

Hailing from Barcelona, Spain (where I can only guess they love circuses, beer slinging parties and songs about monkeys;) The Freak Fandango Orchestra certainly has a comfy niche of their own.  Six very talented and crazy musicians form the core of the group. There’s Jürgen –guitar and voice, Xavi- bass, Alfonso- violin, Noe –accordion and voice; Vitto – saxophone, and finally David- drums & artwork.

Love, Death and a Drunken Monkey consists of 7 tracks, opening with the ever catchy “Monkey Said” which is an instant favorite. The uptempo gypsy beats as well as the quirky lyrics makes for a fun and intriguing song. On the other hand, “At World’s End” is definitely something you’ll catch a quirky pirate like maybe Jack Sparrow singing and dancing along to.

The Freak Fandango Orchestra is your perfect go to band if you need something to keep you on your toes or you just want some fun sing a long tracks that will make your beer chugging afternoon perfect.

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