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all2gethernow Creative Commons Compilation 2010

Compiling together some of the best German indie label acts under a creative commons license, all2gethernow Creative Commons Compilation 2010 is one kick-ass compilation. Apart from the awesome fact that it's available for free, the record lumps together a diverse set of bands that will satisfy any fanboy or fangirl's musical cravings. From electronic to indie rock, to hip-hop and even folk music, you'll definitely find what you want in this record.

Cologne Commons Compilation 04

Cologne Commons Compilation 04 is a mix of some of the best pop, techno, electronic and dub tracks you'll find among Cologne's netlabel industry. It has become somewhat tradition during The Cologne Commons Festival to release accompanying records that help exhibit some of the best free and legal music in their part of town. The festival serves as an avenue to educate and promote free, legal music under creative commons license.

MISERY: Misery

Spanish pop rock trio with sexy, girly vocals. Misery is full length self titled debut of the band with the same name. It's made up of 10 tracks that's essentially pop rock indie music. Misery, the album, was created as a way to showcase the different facets of the band's music. Although the awkward enunciation can become annoying in instances, there are several key tracks in the album that are pretty good. Vocals are sensual while the melodies and rhythm are pretty catchy.

The New Economy: To Wake Up From a Dreamless Sleep

The New Economy is a three piece indie rock band from Germany that play music like they have been listening to a list of A-list indie Brit rockers all their life. They conjure up a mixture of danceable, catchy, and rockish tracks which is capped off with Brit sounding vocals. To Wake Up From a Dreamless Sleep is the trio's second full-length and most recent record. It comes with 9 easily likable tracks that are both dancy and even melodic in places.

MoOt: Demo

Brit pop music coming from a guy that sounds like a doppelganger for Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong. Demo from Moot is a straight pop album that sticks like gum on your shoes. No matter how much you scrape it off or try and get away from it, you know it's just there. That sticky feeling stays, for a very, very long time. Moot's Demo is a compilation of 6 tracks that follow the pop song formula. Basically, it comes with a verse, chorus, bridge and a catchy melody; all this running for about 3 minutes or so, leaving you no room to get sick or bored of it.

Victori4: 21st Century Samurais

Swiss French rockers that don't sound European at all. Victori4 (can be read as Victoria or Victory Four) likes to describe their sound as cinematic indie rock. There's not much to disagree about that description since the band's songs definitely sound as if they belong in some indie rock film or TV show. It might be a stretch, but 21st Century Samurais have one of the best albums available for free in Jamendo. Their brand of indie alternative rock might not break boundaries but it is refreshing and awesome. Worth every penny if you buy the album on Itunes or Amazon too.

Little Bribes: Little Bribes

Sweet voiced indie band in the same vein as Jack's Mannequin. Wisconsin natives, Little Bribes, is a perfect cookie cutter mold of some of the most popular indie bands today. With their sweet voiced vocals, reminiscent of Andrew McMahon of Something Corporate fame, plus the acoustic electronic touch just like Ben Gibbard's crew; it's hard not to fall for Little Bribes. The self titled debut album is packed with 11 indie pop tracks that makes for a great soundtrack to your everyday life. Although some songs could use professional quality recording, the album is pretty tight for an unsigned group.

Silence is Sexy: This Ain’t Hollywood

Silence is Sexy releases their first foray into the online indie music scene with This Ain't Hollywood. This is the indie pop rock group's second full length album. After relative success with their first commercially released record, the band decided to take the open source route and released their second LP directly online. As a result, Silence is Sexy is garnering plenty of online buzz. Their album is filled with lush, beautiful, indie rock tracks that gives even successful indie rock groups a run for their money.

K. Sparks: The Trilogy Chapter 2

Multi-talented hip hop artist and FrostClick staple, K. Sparks, has just dropped his second installment from his Trilogy tapes, Chapter 2. Presented by Kevin Nottingham this time around, Chapter 2 showcases 10 fresh tracks filled with classic hip hop beats and mixed to perfection. A constant presence in the online rap/hip-hop community, K. Spark's previous releases - Definition, Trilogy: Chapter 1 and Super Senior among others, have been well-received by fans and winning over new followers every day.