There are times when you simply have to snuggle down in your bed, light some candles, and listen to some music which transports you back to the times when you’ve watched fairy tale cartoons as a child.

Or maybe you need to have that special music when you ask your special someone over for a special candlelight dinner. However you want the situation to be, Yanchar’s Tu y Solo Tu would give you the magical and passionate ambiance that you are looking for.

Tu y Solo Tu, which literally means ‘You and Only You’ in Spanish, is a 5-track album filled with hypnotizing strings and piano melodies – the perfect match for a romantic candlelight dinner date or for an unwinding session in a hot bathtub after a long day at work.


Yachar writes that the album, and the two others, are dedicated to his dear wife who has changed his life and filled it with joy – his eternal dream. True enough, the sounds in this album seems to lull you to a magical garden filled with all things nice and passionate – just like how love would sound if you could hear it.

No Despertare de Ti features nice harmonics of guitars and violins, and gives out a great feeling of being in love. Tu y Solo Tu, on the other hand, has that feeling of excitement, hurt, longing and love all rolled into one. It has traces of bells, strings, and the piano.

The whole album transports you somewhere beautiful and magical, just like how those fairy tales have sent you to a perfect place of your own as you wait for your princess or prince to bring to the castle.

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