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Music for Dead Birds : HONEY

When moody, somber music is what you need for the day, take a listen to Music for Dead Birds. They're brand of quiet "anti-folk" is a great soundtrack to those dusky skies and gloomy rainy days. The duo is made up of Jimmy Monaghan and Donald Walsh. They first got together back in 2007 and recorded various home recordings during this period. Thanks to this, they managed to win a spot to perform at the Róisín Dubh, which is a popular live music venue in Galway, Ireland. HONEY is the band's latest release and a compilation of all the songs that never made the final cut from their previous releases.

Mattic, La Fine Equipe: THE DARKSIDE (Fantastic Planet)

Released on the first half of 2011, The Darkside is the second part of the Fantastic Planet record. The album is a mix of upbeat hip hop and rap along with electronic synths littered here and there. It features remnants of tracks from the Fantastic Planet compilation that were previously unreleased. Spearheaded by La Fine Equipe and American rapper Mattic along with other talented artists, the album is a comprehensive record that combines talented rapping, samples and beats. Pulling together 13 tracks; it's a likable record you can play in the background as you cruise on through your day. Best part is that it's available as a free download on Nowadays Records BandCamp page.

Bearstronaut: Satisfied Violence

Released last June 2011, Satisfied Violence would have served as the perfect summer album. Ideal for those hazy summer nights when all you want to do is throw a summer party at your backyard with friends. Unlike focusing on their indie rocker side like their previous releases, this time around the boys decided to step into the 80s new wave dance vibe. So far, it's proving that the clothes fit them better. The album is laced with great beats and lovely poppy vocals to get you groovin' and dancin' all night long.

the stargazer lilies: Deep Heaven Now IV Compilation

Deep Heaven Now is a reboot of the original 90s Deep Heaven parties/mini-festivals held in Boston. True to tradition, the festival is celebrated bi/semi annually; gathering together some of the best psychedelic and ambient rock bands from the East coast and Midwest. Spearheaded by Jinsen Liu of 28 Degrees Taurus, the festival is held at different locations each time and always involves various bands expressing their love for shoegaze, ambient and psychedelic rock and roll. Deep Heaven Now IV is a mix of tracks from bands who performed in the August 5 & 6 (2011) festivals in Somerville.

Helicopters: The Honey and the Hiss

Helicopters is a band that might just be your next big favorite, that is, if you're into electronic pop, crisp sounding guitars and some trippy airy vocals. Made up of Jason Caldeira, Brian Fifield and Dave Moran, the band is proud to admit that everything about them and their process is completely indie; from the songwriting, recording, producing and promoting their records, it's all just the three of them. Honey and the Hiss is the group's 5th full length album and released under the boys own label, FlyCasual Records.

Coast Jumper: Grand Opening

Moody and hypnotic, those two words best describe this debut album from San Francisco based band, Coast Jumper. The record is a haven of lush sounds, interesting vocals, and slightly electronic alternative vibe. This is the group's first album ever and yet they're exuding confidence like seasoned veterans of the music scene. Although there's not much about the band online, it's enough to know that these guys play hauntingly beautiful music. Their sound is reminiscent of a mellow Vampire Weekend complete with injections of fun and energetic moments here and there.

Soto: Soto EP

Soto is an experimental Japanese pop group that create lovely folk pop music. Listening to this band is like being transported to a place where forest spirits dwell and lovely music is created at every instance. Two members of the band originally formed the duo, "Oto." This initial band produced music that focused more on sounds and its tapestry. However, as the group turned into a quartet; they focused more on creating music with proper song structures. Together, they christened themselves as "Soto" and create amazing acoustic, folk pop that is transcendent as well as emotional.

K. Sparks’ Diagnosis: Success

After having a successful run with his Trilogy mixtapes, K. Sparks is back with his latest project Diagnosis: Success. This time around, Sparks tackles and narrates his experiences in trying to achieve his dream of success. Filled with 17 tracks and quite a handful of guest appearances by producers as well as fellow rappers , the compilation is a real treat for hip hop lovers all over. The songs are fresh and carry that signature melodic rhythm with spot-on lyrics that the artist has excelled in for so long. Of course, there's a touch of something new as well. A great album that's perfect for welcoming both old fans and new fans to the fold.

Bomb The Music Industry!: Vacation

Known not just for their upbeat indie rock offerings but also for their ethos, Bomb The Music Industry! is back with their latest record - Vacation. Abbreviated as BTMI!, the group has been together for some time. They've released several records and are known to be firm believers of distributing their own music. Following their DIY credo, the guys distribute their music for free and are known to perform only for a general audience while not charging more than $10 for the ticket price. With their mix of punk, pop and fun indie rock; Vacation is impressing both fans and new listeners alike. Take a listen.