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Terius Nash aka The-Dream: 1977

Behind every superstar is an awesome songwriter/producer backing them up. Terius Nash also known as The-Dream is one of those people. One of the most sought-after writers and producer of today; he has helped create some of the most popular and memorable pop songs of the recent decade. Tracks like Rihanna's Umbrella, Mariah Carey's Touch my Body, and even Beyonce's Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It) are among a long list of hit tracks he's helped write and produce. When he's not working with superstars, he's busy spinning his own tracks and this time, he's treating his fans to another free album; 1977. It's an 11 -track record that features Nash's smooth vocals, lovely melodies and impressively honest lyrics. Fans and new listeners are certainly in for a treat.

Joe Jack Wagner: Ghosts Revisited

Joe Jack Wagner is a well known electronic instrumentalist band that's known for their covers. Originally from Victoriaville, Quebec; the band has released several albums and EPs since they first came together back in 1997. Their sound breaks down all bounderies, mixing electronic industrial, french pop, progressive, folk, slacker punk and everything in between. Covering anything they fancy and crossing genres here and there, the band places their own stamp on the music allowing for a new sound to emerge. Ghosts Revisited is Joe Jack Wagner's take on the Nine Inch Nails sixth studio album, Ghosts I-IV. It's an amazing remix that keeps listeners intrigued throughout.

The Black Pawn: A Breath of Fresh Air

A Breath of Fresh Air is a hiphop compilation released by Pawn Structure Productions. Spearheaded by record producer and artist, The Black Pawn, the album compiles works by various artists under the indie hiphop netlabel. From main man, Hank McCoy to Sol Infinite and Epidemic; the album is peppered by talented underground/up-and-coming artists in the hip hop world. The album itself comes with 14 tracks that revolve around easy-listening, hip hop music. With likable beats and smooth rhythm, the album exudes a retro vibe throughout. It's a lot like listening to a 90s rap/hip hop record with a very slight modern twist.

Tsars: Whispers EP

Fairly new in the indie music world, Tsars only got together early this year. Considering the short time, the guys have managed to release two compilations. Whispers EP is their first official debut and contains 6 tracks bordering on indie alternative to a floaty Brit hipster sound. Their sound is reminiscent of lazy hipster rock and makes me think of The Cribs only more melancholic. Made up of Alexi Mcnulty Bakas (Vocals/ Guitar), Corey Eyres (Guitar/ B.Vocals), Ross Powley (Bass/ B.Vocals) and Lawrence Artitzone (Drums/ B.Vocals.) They've been playing around together in different bands before deciding to form this one.

Daniel Wyckoff: The Quadrature

The Quadrature by Daniel Wyckoff is an acoustic instrumental progressive haven. It's not everyday that we cover instrumentals here in Frostclick, so here's one to feast your ears on. Daniel Wyckoff is a guitar aficionado that has just released his second record of nothing but sweet acoustic guitar goodness for free. His second album, A Shift, is available as a free download on Jamendo. Before that though, he released The Quadrature which feature a lite-prog and math rock sound. The recording quality isn't perfect but you have to admire this guy's skill and what he can do with his guitar.

Audra Hardt: No Disguise

Audra Hardt is no stranger to the Frostclick blog. She's made her first appearance in our pages with her smashing record, Superficial Superstar way back in 2008! However, before she released that, she came out with another rockin' compilation titled, No Disguise. We never got to cover this on the blog before, so might as well make up for lost time. Even though it's a bit of an oldie, it's still a goodie. With her signature Morissette-like vocals, you can be sure Audra Hardt is a name worth checking out. The singer hails from the entertainment capital of the world, LA, and showcases her passion to pursue and achieve what some people are too timid to go after: a musical career.

Frozen Geese: The Starseed

Frozen Geese is made up of instrumentalists, Dave Lazonby and Graham Baily. Hailing from Leeds, UK, the duo is bent in energizing their listeners with their brand of psychedelic electronic rock. Their sound is both rough and smooth at the same time; providing listeners with a real treat for their senses. The Starseed is their first full record and was released in cassette only back in 2010. It might be weird and unusual to release their compilation in a format that's considered obsolete by many. Luckily, the duo couldn't stop the buzz around their music. They've finally made the record available as a digital download giving plenty of online music lovers a chance to hear this amazing album.

Willy’s Big Bang Theory Magic Revue: Cradle

Willy's Big Bang Theory Magic Revue (WBBTMR) is definitely a long name for a band. Luckily, even though their name is a mouthful, their music is quite good. This eclectic rock and roll blues band is actually just made of one permanent member, Will (I'm not sure what this guy's last name is.) He's also a member of garage, punk group, The Wild Dishes. For his WBBTMR side project though, he enlists the help of his musician friends. These friends dropped drum parts, a guitar lick or two etc., and helped create this soaring album. Take a listen and get in touch with your inner blues rocker.