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Magentaa: Pulse

One of the many faces representing underground electronica from Munich, Germany; Magentaa releases his latest record, Pulse. This 7-track compilation carefully fuses different elements to create a cohesive album guaranteed to make it the perfect go-to record for midnight parties or quiet lounging at your apartment. There's not much personal info about the artist online, except that he has released several titles and compilations prior to this one. Most of his songs are an eclectic mix of sounds; with drum machines, electronic pianos, voice and field recordings making an appearance. It's this unusual combination that's making his electronic sonatas quite interesting to listen to.

We Used To Exist: The Lights May Still Show

We Used to Exist is one of those bands you're lucky to come across in your search for awesome indie pop music online. The Lights May Still Show is the first album for the duo and it's sounding like a promising electro pop compilation. Made up of Timothy Lalonde and Dean Rostron, the two had to meet from across two different continents to record the album. They're currently based in Berlin, Germany and even though they are fairly new (just formed back in September 2011) the band is proving that they are worth watching out for.

Rachel Ries: Without a Bird

Hailing from South Dakota, classically trained singer, pianist, violinist and violist, Rachel Ries astonishes with her brand of music. Although this album is a couple of years old, it's still worth listening to. Without a Bird is Rachel's second album and composed of a folk jazzy sound with beautiful lyrics. It first came out back in 2007 under Rachel's own So Dak Records. Her first album, For You Only, was initially released back in 2005 and was completely recorded in a vintage analog system. This second album was also done in analog, thus exuding a beautiful vintage feel. It's the type of songs you'll want to play at home on a laid back evening, relaxing and just taking in the moment.

Giraffe: There Is No Devil

Carrying the moniker, Giraffe for this record, James Gardner releases his second compilation: There is No Devil. The album is a lush collection of folk, country alternative that's perfect for fans of artists like Bon Iver or similar soft folk singers. The songs resonate with acoustic guitars, beautiful singing and a catchy (sometimes odd) melody fit for most folk lovers. It's an album that could serve as a worthy background to a laid back afternoon where you just want some simple but engaging music to keep you company.

The Upstairs: Ku Nobatkan Jadi Fantasi EP

Music is universal. Sometimes you don't need to understand or know a language just to appreciate a song. Take the Indonesian band The Upstairs' debut EP, Ku Nobatkan Jadi Fantasi; just one listen and you'll adore the hipster new wave album even if you have no clue what they're singing about. This album is released under Yes No Wave record and is available for free download under a Creative Commons license. Mixing punk, dance, new wave and plenty of fun, the band released the record in celebration of Jakarta's Independence Day. It served as a present to their fans especially the ones that have been by the band's side since they first started.

Kursed: Like a Coffee

The cover for Like a Coffee might look like one of those bossa nova records you see lying around in Starbucks, but the fact is, this compilation is far from anything bossa nova. The record is a tipsy, indie grunge rock affair from three guys from Montpellier, France. This is the band's second record. Their first album, Psychotic Lowland, was a success; obtaining great reviews from listeners in Jamendo. Like a Coffee is much like their first album, only a bit more tighter and incorporates more experimental sounds in the process. Kursed has been around since 2003. Thanks to their art rock/experimental sound they're easily winning listeners left and right.

Horiso: He and other both creatures

He and Other Both Creatures is a solid, electronic jazz compilation that's worth listening to. The man behind this captivating collection is Horiso; a Polish multi-instrumentalist, technician, composer, programmer and in some parts of the record, singer. This 9-track album takes electronic influences, jazz, improv, voice and so many other elements together, mashed them around, to create a breathtaking record. There are certain tracks that make you feel like dancing while other tracks are more meant for a slow and relaxing evening with people you love. Released last September 2011, the album is available as a free download under a Creative Commons license.

Carrie Ryan: This Road

Listening to a Carrie Ryan record makes you want to rush over to a poppy field overlooking a beautiful scenery and stay there enjoying the wonders of nature. This Road is the first full length record from Ryan. She wrote and recorded all of the songs while still in high school. Much of the songs are about her personal experiences, about people and events around her. This 9-track compilation is filled with acoustic folk songs that resonate with Ryan's endearing, angelic voice. Her voice is surprisingly mature and you wouldn't even think that she recorded this at such a young age.