Tired of having to go through your mp3 files and trying to figure out which one will work and which one won’t? If you need help in sorting, fixing and changing information on your audio files, then you have a handy helper in MP3 Diags.

MP3 Diags is a program that will help organize information in your audio library, scan and fix any corrupted files that might be stashed away somewhere and will even allow you to take a glimpse inside the body of an MP3 file. Essentially, the program is an efficient way of fixing your music files.

Whenever we legally download music files, we know that it comes from a whole variety of sources. Sometimes, we won’t know whether the file is corrupted or not until we actually try it out. Moreover, we could also have music files that have been ripped off CD’s throughout the years. With this music hodge podge, things are bound to get corrupted. Most of the time, people will end up having fragmented files, messing up the tags or even get problems that they don’t know they have. Fixing everything manually can be a hassle but with MP3 Diags, the problem can be fixed easily.

The software works by identifying problems that your MP3 files might have. The program doesn’t just diagnose, but it actually provides a solution. It comes with a host of great features like having a full pledged tag editor which allows you to copy from one cell where you have inputted the data and just paste it to the remaining cells that need the same information. On the other hand, it can also normalize the volume in your files and even let you see what’s inside your mp3.

Although it’s a very helpful tool, it’s best to note that it’s not a one click process. The program is more suited for those who already have an idea about what they are doing. For those who are interested in trying it out, always make sure to have a backup first before altering anything. Like a lot of programs out there, this is not foolproof. You would not want to end up having no MP3 file, just for trying out the program.

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