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Unpleasant Horse

Occasionally, we crave for games that we can enjoy playing without breaking too much of a sweat or frying too many brain cells at one time. Unpleasant Horse easily fits into this category. Although it initially got into the "bad graces" of Apple the first time around, it seems they had a change of heart and agreed to release the game. What made it so controversial you ask? Well, not quite sure. They must have found a cute little evil pony/horse wrecking havoc and killing all the other ponies a bit offensive. The game is from 4th & Battery, the edgier, more experimental division of your favorite wholesome gaming guru, Popcap.

Keys of a Gamespace

Keys of a Gamespace might seem like an odd title for a video game but it's actually very appropriate for this one. Developed by a group of people from the University of Metz in France, the game explores a new take on gaming by using it as a tool for gaining understanding by putting you in someone else's shoes. The game sees you in the footsteps of a man trying to make sense of his past. Your job is to help him put together his memories by solving puzzles in each level. Each step gets you closer to unraveling what he has kept hidden in his subconsious. It's an intriguing game that's equipped with a unique storyline and an interesting gameplay.

Zentomino HD

Brain melting games are always fun to try out. Take Zentomino HD for instance. Based on Pentomino, Little White Bear Studios brings in this ancient puzzle game straight to your shiny iPad & iPhone screens. Zentomino lets you "achieve zen" by positioning puzzle pieces onto a given shape in the middle of the screen. However, you have to make sure that none of the puzzles overlap or go beyond the designated areas. The game is quite simple and perfect if you want to get away from all those action packed shooter games you've been playing for awhile.


A direct successor of the Nexuiz Project, Xonotic is a free, open source (GPL) shooter game that serves as the updated and much improved version of the former. After internal disagreements plagued the Nexuiz Project, several developers took a stand and vowed to remake the game from scratch. Creating one that's even better and ensuring that it'll remain free with an open source license. The game was created by a team of "players, developers, and artists who enjoy learning and refining their skills through contribution and collaboration with other players from around the globe." Thanks to this effort, this forked version features much of what gamers could hope for. With stunning graphics, engaging gameplay, great maps and a host of other features; Xonotic is slowly shaping up to becoming an excellent game.

Pumpkins vs. Monsters

Pumpkins vs. Monsters is a free Android game that will easily win your heart. Hailed by many as among the most addictive Android games ever released, it's certainly a game worth looking into. Developed by Runner Games Studios, this is the same team that has created other popular Android games like Doodle Dash, Tiny Robots and Alien Invasion just to name a few. For Pumpkins vs. Monsters, the game pits you against a hoard of monsters. Pretty much, your pumpkin garden and pumpking throwing skills is your best defense against keeping these monsters at bay.

The Unicated

The Unicated is a short adventure game that served as an entry for the monthly AGS competition. The contest encouraged indie developers to create a game in less than a month following the rules set by the previous winner of the competition. For this season, the theme was "evil twin." Appropriately enough, The Unicated is about two conjoined twins struggling to prevent doctors from separating them. It's main creators include Duzz (Wintermute Studios,) with music from PlantMonster and TheShanx on background art. The game is simple but highly entertaining and the graphics are definitely something to check out.

Contract Killer

Contract Killer is one of those games you try out once and never put down again for a very long time. In the game you play, well, a contract killer. As an assassin you take hit assignments initially for the government but fall from your superiors graces and end up taking assignments from various shady people. Some people might get bothered by the game premise, but it's still a very addictive game to play. It was created by Glu Games, Inc., who promises to keep updating the game and adding more content and levels while keeping it all free.

NinJump HD

Who doesn't love ninjas? With their stealthy black masks and lighting quick reflexes, it's hard to resist a cool game with them on especially if it's offered for free. Take NinJump HD for instance. This stunning and fast paced game puts you in control of this masked, sword wielding hero. Your main task is simple, you just have to climb a wall as high up as you can go. Despite the simple gameplay, the game is one that's hard to put down. It was developed by Backflip Studios, a company who seems to have a knack for making even the simplest, most mundane game premises quite addictive. They're the same geniuses who gave us Paper Toss: World Tour and Ragdoll Blaster 2.


Are you a fan of the Bomberman series? Poton gives you something to be happy about if you are. This cool, Japanese arcade game features a similar gameplay to classics like Pacman or Bomberman. Playing it will definitely bring in a lot of nostalgia for most old school gamers. Like most classic games, this one has a very simple gameplay to master. It basically consists of you being inside a maze and doing what you can to kill off the enemy one by one. The game has a very entertaining and quite addictive gameplay; a feature that most classic games have mastered.