Occasionally, we crave for games that we can enjoy playing without breaking too much of a sweat or frying too many brain cells at one time. Unpleasant Horse easily fits into this category.

Although it initially got into the “bad graces” of Apple  the first time around, it seems they had a change of heart and agreed to release the game. What made it so controversial you ask? Well, not quite sure. They must have found a cute little evil pony/horse wrecking havoc and killing all the other ponies a bit offensive.

The game is from 4th & Battery, the edgier, more experimental division of your favorite wholesome gaming guru, Popcap

Unpleasant Horse was created out of a Popcap challenge. The company encouraged its designers to be more creative and asked them to come up with a fun, highly entertaining game within 24 hours. The result: an exciting simple game where you play a black horse that’s evil to the bone. Your main task is to control this flying horse, guiding him from jumping on top of one cloud to another for as long as you can. This is simple enough but all that “unpleasantness” starts when you encounter the gentle flying white horses.

Once you see these lovable creatures, you can jump on their backs to weigh them down and send them to the ground. Unfortunately, the ground in this case features spinning sawblades that grind the cute white horses into a bloody pulp. What do you get for all this trouble? Extra points, of course!

Although the game slightly indulges in senseless murder, there’s no denying that it’s very entertaining, not to mention funny. Controls are easy to master and the graphics are amazing. There’s also lovely mood music to accompany you as you eviscerate all of those flying horses and birds.

It might be far from what you would normally expect from Popcap’s family friendly title but like most games from the company, this one is very addictive. Give it a try. It’s available as a free download.

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