Mecca:83 aka Rise: Ain’t Done Too Bad

Mecca:83 (aka Rise) is a Manchester, UK based producer, known for his many instrumental releases, great hip-hop beats, and some amazing remixes. Ain’t Done Too Bad is a compilation of artist’s best beats and collaborations to date, all to celebrate his amazing ten years of music making. But as much as it is a celebration it is also a good-bye gift for his fans, as Mecca:83 announcement of retiring his music career surfaced just yesterday.

Eminem Vs. DJ Whoo Kid: Shady Classics

On November 24th, 2014 a music label you all most likely heard about, Shady Records founded by no other than rapper Eminem, celebrated it’s 15th Anniversary. But the celebrations extended far beyond that of a label itself as we all got a little present in the form of a free 66-track (yes, 66 – collecting two discs full of music) Shady Classics compilation, curated by DJ Whoo Kid.

Propaganda: Excellent

A line from the song Change (off his outstanding spoken word/hip hop album with Odd Thomas titled Arm Ambidextrous goes: “But that's another subject, next album's called Excellent, already started writing, that's a Biblical work ethic." This gave us a look into the early working stages of what is now his aptly-titled album Excellent.

Brittany Campbell: Black Summer

Brittany Campbell's "Black Summer" is her second collection of self-produced bangers. The album is a simple yet enjoyable, as it takes us on a whirlwind journey of love songs, break-up diss-downs, and self-empowerment affirmations -- all presented in a funky format.

Neon Hitch: Happy Neon

While everyone is waiting for Beg, Borrow, and Steal, it might be a good option to check out Happy Neon first. Neon Hitch, the self-proclaimed gypsy who’s slowly making waves in the hip-hop world as the new “it” collaborator, shows a soulful side via her new EP. She glides through existentialism in style, thanks to the eclectic harmonies by producer Happy Perez.

Wordsmith: The Backstage EP

Appearing on the FrostClick blog yet again – Wordsmith is back with another great release. This time around the artist teamed up with his fellow label mate, his cousin CuzOH!, and together set forth to bring an 8 track long The Backstage EP that comes wrapped up with a special bonus cut.

Hi-Rez: The Window

Sometimes you just got it; the right mix of talent and creativity that takes you on the road to bigger things. Listening to the newest release by the South Florida native Hi-Rez, it is not heard to see that this 18 year old definitely knows how to put together one sweet mixtape. So go ahead and download The Window, a treat that will take you on a ride filled with super smooth hip-hop beats, some crazy good lyrics, and crisp production. In the words of Hi-Rez himself, "I live and breath hip-hop. I do it for the love of it, nothing else."

DJ Zo & Dumbfoundead: Cut + Paste

Quench that hip hop thirst with DJ Zo & Dumbfoundeads latest musical project Cut + Paste. Hailing from Los Angeles, DJ Zo or Zo Manno and Brian Lee, better known as Dumbfoundead, offer six tracks of undenialble good music. Released last December 10 2010, this free mixtape shows the duos capability to take hip hop to a higher level. Opening track Zonin ignites the senses with a blend of free-style rapping and danceable beats. This strictly hip-hop piece features the right dose of rhytm thats not too fast or slow.