ASA Trio: A Love Supreme, Live at Cafe Cultura

Feel like stepping away from reality, even if just for a second; shutting off your cell phone, computer and get lost in some quality jazz sounds; well than here is your chance. A Love Supreme will bring you just that, a combination of piercing guitars, lush drums, and mood-setting organs all packaged with the stunningly gorgeous compositions. The album might include only four tracks, however, as each of them is spanning anything between six to nine minutes, ASA Trio made sure to leave you with well enough sounds to enjoy.

Gepel: Moducué

Gepel is a jazz trio from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Founded in 2006 they released their first album, Moducué (meaning 'thanks' in Lucumí, a Yoruba dialect), the very same year. The album, released under the Dharmasound Netlabel, is a collection of six wonderful tracks, each showcasing the great musical talents of its members. So if you are in the mood for original compositions with some excellent deep sounds of bass, heart piercing percussion, and rich piano - Gepel is definitely for you!

Dazie Mae “Velvet Dress & Stockings” – jazz & blues the cabaret style

Dazie Mae plays a form of ragtime jazz and blues mixed up in a French cabaret environment. Their full length album titled Velvet Dress and Stockings has a sexy and smoky feel spearheaded by the sultry lead vocalist Jeanne Jattiot. She reminds me of a jazzy version of Marianne Faithfull. The instrumental backing is almost perfect with snappy keyboards by Mathias Daval, guitars by Tom Lameche and bass by Serge Dejazz.

[TED Talk] Eric Lewis rocks the jazz world during a TED Conference

Normal music enthusiast would dare say that Jazz and Rock can never go together. It may be because it does not complement each other and the produced music will not sound good or no musician is insane enough to try. Above all these excuses, Eric Lewis proved them wrong. In the recent TED Conference, Eric showed his special skill of mixing two good and well-established genres into a great crossover of the song “Going Under,” popularized by the gothic rock band Evanescence.

Lisa Richards “Mad Mad Love” featured in FrostWire

Mad, Mad Love is the newest album by an acclaimed singer/songwriter Lisa Richards. It features some acoustic tracks and some full-band tracks, two covers and many more originals, her mesmerizing voice will surely captivate you. Listen to it when you're in love. Listen to it when you want to be in loved. Listen to it when you are loved. Listen to Mad, Mad Love and experience love in many different ways.

Cakeflap “The Bakery is Open” – The Fiercest One-Track Album Ever

The album The Bakery is Open is the debut album of Cakeflap - a four-member band from UK. According to their Myspace page, the band started as just a collaboration of four 'disgruntled employees' who've had 'one too many Digestives'. They then decided to make exhaustingly long songs that run for as long as 20 minutes! The Bakery is Open is a one-track album and that single track is a medley of 18 different instrumental songs. Very understandably, cakeflap describes their music as progressive rock and jazz fusion.

“The Jazz Farm” – a alternative/improv album by Oprachina

The quartet Oprachina came to existence during recent editions of “Along Came Jazz, Research In Italy” organized in Tivoli and Rome. The group consists of Massimo Bognetti, guitarist; Errico De Fabritiis, saxophonist; Fabio Fochesato, bassist and drummer Adriano Galinari. The only aspect connecting the musician's repertoire is a touch of jazz in every track.

Paolo Pavan: Inside

I have spent a little time in Italian jazz clubs so I feel fairly safe saying that some of Europe’s best jazz musicians hail from Italy. (I have a French friend who would, and has, aggressively argued this with me). Pianist Paolo Pavan has to be one of the finer jazz artists in Italy and, from the sound of his free online album titled Inside, can clearly hold his own with the upper echelon of jazz musicians throughout the world.

Los Sundayers: Eterno domingo

I came across Los Sundayers searching Jamendo for Latin music and I found myself listening to the whole album with great pleasure. One of the albums reviewers, nanito, wrote they've done "a great work indeed blending reggae, dub and ska with elegant cuts and tempo switching, all wrapped around a quite colorful interpretation" and I couldn't agree more.