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oprachinaThe quartet Oprachina came to existence during recent editions of “Along Came Jazz, Research In Italy” organized in Tivoli and Rome. The group consists of Massimo Bognetti, guitarist; Errico De Fabritiis, saxophonist; Fabio Fochesato, bassist and drummer Adriano Galinari. The only aspect connecting the musician’s repertoire is a touch of jazz in every track. Oprachina has recently completed their second album, which will be available for download in the very near future.

About the group from their Jamendo Page:

Massimo Bognetti: guitar, director of Music School Etnofonie in Rome, he conducted several workshops on music figures of Demetrio Stratos, Miles Davis, Eric Dolphy, Thelonius Monk, Soft Machine; with the “Opera Nomadi” he directed the “Education Project Artists Rom”


Errico De Fabritiis: saxophone, teacher, graduated in saxophone at the Conservatory of Pescara D’Annunzio, lives in Rome, where he worked with musicians of different backgrounds. He is committed within the contemporary and improvised music; recently he has directed a project entitled “Bus Ned Revolution”

Fabio Fochesato: bass and double bass, teacher, works especially in jazz and contemporary music. He’s a member of “Plectrum Orchestra del Circolo Mandolinistico Costantino Bertucci” (plectrums with double bass string performing a large repertory of baroque and contemporary music) and the new “Banda Larga Big Band” directed by Elvio Ghigliordini (PMJO Auditorium Rome).

Adriano Galinari: drums; teacher, he has participated in numerous jazz events, with many Italian and foreign musicians, among them, never forgot, the saxophonist Massimo Urbani.

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