There is an instant bond created upon listening to The Silent War. In their six-track introductory album, the duo, consisting of Garrison Star and Adrienne Gonzalez, makes an instant connection with the listeners through easily digestible yet unique alternative rock pieces.

The Los Angeles-based duo opens the collection with Beating Of Your Heart. Here, Garrison and Adrienne’s camaraderie is evident in every melody as they support each other in delivering perfect melodies. Rhythmic, handclapping beats liven up paired with strong, sharp vocals liven up the ears.

Some Kind Of Soldier utilizes a steady roll of acoustic rock strings, which slowly build to a celebration of free-spirited instrumentation in the chorus. This track sneaks in some rustic charm while still maintaining polished production.

The Silent War seals the collection in a charming note with At Least I Loved. This track brims with upbeat, rhythmic gems paired with poetic earnestness.

Introducing: The Silent War features the perfect tracks that encapsulate┬áthe duo’s skill, taste, and chosen genre. The tracks here are feel-good, empowering pieces that do not borderline to mushy, cheesy phrases. They are still rooted in reality with an artistic musical flair.

Track List:
1. Beating Of Your Heart
2. Some Kind Of Soldiers
3. Unbreakable Heart
4. Same As You
5. Can’t Back Out (Acoustic)
6. At Least I Loved

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