What if the destination is really the journey itself? This record tries to explain it.

Itom Lab, known for his Oriental-influenced compostions, is back with another interesting release, “The Journey Is the Destination,” and it’s nothing short of how he describes them — “GalacTemple,” “PsyDream,” and “Spirit-Whomp.”

After a modest start, “Djinn” begins the fun with those blatantly Indian-derived melodies and harmonies, which continues well into “The Far Shore | Akara – Remix.” It’s almost a geek’s ‘liquid’ dream: warriors in carefully-wrought battle gear, fighting to the beats of Itom Lab’s sonic creations.

Patrick Haize lends his vocals on “Dance Into the Sun” Mike Shinoda-style, ushering a new face of trip-hop that’s veiled by world music. “Professional Dimensions” also goes in this direction, sans the rapping, but in a grittier and more hard-hitting scale.

Come “Galactic Mantra,” things slow and cool down, like a musical equivalent of a concluding yoga session, and finally ending in a much worldly and ancient note – yet still prevailingly modern – on the closing track, “Cloud 9.”

Track list:
1. Starting the Mothership
2. Djinn
3. The Far Shore | Akara – Remix
4. Transients | More Than Meets the Ear
5. Dance Into the Sun (feat. Patrick Haize)
6. Professional Dimensions
7. Galactic Mantra | 432Hz
8. Beethoven Sym7 Mv2 | 432Hz
9. Cloud 9

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