The four rappers currently at the center of the Los Angeles-based Hellfyre Club include Busdriver, Nocando, Open Mike Eagle, and Milo. Hellfyre is known to be a tree that produces competent artists that undeniably dominate the indie hip-hop landscape.

Combining the rapping prowess of the four MCs, Dorner vs. Tookie was released early this November. This album is a 17-track compilation that showcases their penchant for music and confessional storytelling. Each of the central four rappers gets a track of their own, while most of the tracks were made by their group efforts.

On Degrassi Picture Day, Eagle effortlessly invokes a reminiscent story of awkward youth, with verses about that annual grade-school ritual, picture day. The track has a moody and astral sound to the introduction with the kicks maintaining the beat.

Nocando and Busdriver exchange verses on Pet Alligators. In this track, they talk about their dream of having massive haters and exotic pets. As the track flows, an array of beats and electro synths accompany the bass riffs.

Snake Lake Remix by Milo and Busdriver kicks off with a haunting descant that is joined by Milo’s easy and reserved delivery of lines.

Four is better than one—these talented rappers had proven that through this collaboration. Although Dorner vs. Tookie is just a sampler, there is really nothing at all to skip over on the album.

Track List:

1. Taurus Scott – Bouncin’ In The Trap
2. Open Mike Eagle, VerBS, Nocando, KAIL, Busdriver & Rheteric Ramirez – DvT
3. Open Mike Eagle & Busdriver – Degrassi Picture Day (Hellfyre Jackets)
4. Rheteric Ramirez & Nocando – Fabian Cortez
5. Open Mike Eagle – Qualifiers
6. Flash Bang Grenada – Pet Alligators
7. milo – ecclesiastes
8. Open Mike Eagle – Apologies
9. Busdriver, Open Mike Eagle & milo – All Pastel Everything
10. KAIL – We On
11. Nocando – Give A Fuck
12. Busdriver & milo – Snake Lake Remix
13. Rheteric Ramirez – Fck The Nightstalker
14. Busdriver – Barbs Over Breakfast Scones
15. milo, Nocando & Busdriver – Manchester
16. Busdriver, Open Mike Eagle & Jeremiah Jae – Elephant In The Pressroom ft. Jeremiah Jae
17. The Kleenrz – Big Business

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