Get lost on some stellar, layered melodies with Heaps n HeapsDancing on the Moon. Released last 13 November, this collection features four tracks for easy listening.

Heaps n Heaps is lead by the duo of Alisa from Australia, Sydney and Zach from Salt Lake City, Utah. The group is currently based in Los Angeles, chasing their musical dream.

Few seconds in the title track Dancing on the Moon and you’ll easily get enthralled with saccharine acoustic-based melodies. The layered combo between the male and female vocals is a refreshing twist that makes this track stand out.

Maybe I’m Wrong follows with haunting vocals and smooth, jazzy arrangement. Alisa’s sweet textured vocals fits perfectly with Zach’s raspy voice. The steady flow of the piece makes this a relaxing backdrop for after-office dinners with friends.

Brighten up those lazy mornings with Who Are You Running From?, an acoustic piece that showcases crisp delivery and well-penned lines.


Say It Right wraps up the collection in a powerful note with an alternative rock piece. Press play and let sharp, reverberating tunes whip up an orgasmic experience.

All in all, Dancing on the Moon showcases a comprehensive collection of influences that’s suited to longtime fans as well as casual listeners.

Track List:
1. Dancing on the Moon
2. Maybe I’m Wrong
3. Who Are You Running From?
4. Say It Right

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