Pink Floyd

Stub Horn: Pure Sappiness

An interesting alternative grunge rock band, Stub Horn releases their first foray into the music business with Pure Sappiness. Contrary to their album title, the group isn't exactly sappy about their music. They incorporate a blend of punk, alternative and a slight tinge of indie, to create their own music. Switching between loud rock to a mid-tempo sound, the group manages to showcase their love for a louder type of sound. Their album is offered as a free download on Jamendo and licensed under creative commons. Give it a try.

Karmafish: Life Support

A hodgepodge of rock, alternative, grunge, noise and progressive rock, Life Support is a pretty good album to check out. This is the latest release from a singer/songwriter and producer from England who dubs himself as, Karmafish. Although there's not much info on who this guy is, he sure has quite a number of albums under his belt. Life Support is his latest release following 4 previous records. All of which are available for free download on Jamendo and under a creative commons license. This careful menagerie of sounds and noise is perfect for any rock lover. The artists' skillful and creative take on various genres of rock is impressive at best and certainly warrants a listen.

Pterodactyl: The Dark Side of the Moon

With the success of Weezer's 8-Bit Album version, there was bound to be a sequel. This time around, the boys of Pterodactyl have set their sights to cover one of the greatest bands ever, Pink Floyd. The Dark Side of the Moon has always been an iconic record ever since it was released in March 1973. Hence, it was the obvious choice for the next 8-bit rehash. The Pterodactyl Squad has gathered up some of the most prominent names in chiptune talent and made use of old game consoles to create a truly unique but true-to-the-original sound. This isn't just for those who love Floyd, it's pretty much for anybody who loves great music and good old videogames.

HARVEST: Underground Community

Indie alternative group that mashes girly vocals with prog-like instrumentals. Harvest's music might seem like girly indie alternative pop at first listen, but if you pay closer attention, you'll hear that there are hints of prog rock here and there. Underground Community is the latest album from Barcelona based band, Harvest. The album features 13 cleanly done and pretty likable tracks. With pretty vocals and a progressive sound, it's definitely an album worth looking into and trying out.