A hodgepodge of rock, alternative, grunge, noise and progressive rock, Life Support is a pretty good album to check out. This is the latest release from a singer/songwriter and producer from England who dubs himself as, Karmafish.

Although there’s not much info on who this guy is, he sure has quite a number of albums under his belt. Life Support is his latest release following 4 previous records – all of which are available for free download on Jamendo and under a creative commons license.

This careful menagerie of sounds and noise is perfect for any rock lover. The artists’ skillful and creative take on various genres of rock is impressive at best and certainly warrants a listen.

Life Support is filled with 10 tracks that  resonate like a “sonic patchwork” of sound. There are plenty of things going on in each track but it still manages to hold itself together and entertain.

Starting with the glorious rock opener, Eternal Sunshine, Karmafish kicks the door with some bad ass guitar licks while peppering the track with retro sounding, lo-fi vocal work. Sure, you can barely understand what he’s saying but it won’t stop you from head bobbing once in awhile. Most of the other tracks traverse the same vein while injecting a certain dose of hipster/Beach Boys feel on Where Do You Go?, pulling a noise progrock fusion on The Looking Glass, and even exuding a rockish yet eerie Floyd-like atmosphere in The Rule.

I’m not going to say that the album is a complete win but it does gather enough elements together to make it an interesting record to have. There were moments when I wished the vocals were more prominent. However, most of the time, I was too content with listening to the droning guitars, noise and various sounds littering the air to care about anything else. Take a listen and judge for yourself.

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