Papi Jump

The best games don’t have to be complex or have eye popping visuals, because more than anything else, it’s the gameplay that matters. Papi Jump from Sunflat Games is a good example of that, because it’s the very simplicity that makes it addictive: While it’s basically a jumping platform game with a rubber ball, it’s a lot of fun.

Miles Drummond: Jigsaw

If you ever wondered what happened to those buggy Action 52 games released for SEGA back in 1993, wonder no more. Arthur Lee, with the help of pro game developers, has taken it upon himself to remake these games and add a modern flare to them. So far, 9 games have been given new life and one of these is Jigsaw. The game was remade by indie game developer, Miles Drummond. The result of his efforts is an interesting platformer that's filled with fun puzzles. Reminiscent of the Nails 'n' Scale game back in the day. Pretty much, the effort resulted in a cool game that contains fun gameplay with retro graphics. It's a bit short but enough to keep you busy on your break time.

Escape from the Underworld

Ever wonder what it would be like if you were a heavenly being- all powerful and awesome- and you suddenly got thrown out of heaven to wallow in your misery in the underworld? Of course, you're first plan of action would be to build up your army and get revenge, right? Play Escape from the Underworld and you won't have to keep wondering anymore. This 30 minute platformer game has been getting quite the feedback in reviews. Not only does it feature a pretty cool storyline (Lucifer's biopic, is what I like to call it) but it does this with a kick-ass soundtrack and fun graphics. Created by Banov for a showdown in IndieKombat against fellow indie game developer Andrew Brophy. This is one short but amazingly cool game.