Who has not looked up in the sky and wondered what life would be like on the planet Mars? Books and movies have explored that theme, and now Pomelo Games lets you explore the Red Planet one jump at a time with Mars: Mars. Like any good platformer, it’s a lot fun but still challenging.

Your lander craft has landed on Mars, and you need to guide the astronaut by jumping from one platform to the next. The important thing is to get the timing right so you can land properly.

Tap once and that will launch the craft. Now you have general control over the craft’s orientation by tapping left or right. As you tap, you’ll be propelled and have enough power to lift and land.

Leaping to and from platforms is not that easy as the craft is affected by gravity, trying to pull you down. If necessary, double tap to slow your ship down. This is crucial because landing anywhere but the platform means it is game over.

Another factor is your blaster has a finite supply of fuel. If you run out of gas it’ is game over, and if you land too hard on a platform it’s game over too. In spite of these challenges, Mars: Mars doesn’t feel like it’s not giving you a chance to advance.

Jumping a certain number of platforms gives you the opportunity to upgrade your craft, and new obstacles in the latter part of the game add some variety. Overall, there is plenty her to keep you occupied.

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