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Aaahh Records Presents The Braaahhlitz Compilation

For the last two years, the Aaahh Record's crew gathered up several musicians and holed up in a small town called Bralitz (somewhere in Berlin.) With nothing but music, plenty of time and some fresh air, they've been creating wonderful music and have been churning them out in little compilations like this one. This Braaahhlitz Compilation is the result of last year's mini gathering. It's comprised of 8 tracks filled with guitars, flutes, a whole lot of handclaps and just simple music that makes your hearts flutter or gather up that book and curl up in the corner.

Denmaaahhrk Compilation from Aaahh Records

Perhaps one of my most favorite netlabels online, Aaahh Records is now back in full force. This time they're bringing in tow something extra special for their listeners. The gang spent one entire week, renting a house in Denmark and inviting all of the bands in their label to come and visit; bring their instruments and simply jam as well as create beautiful music together. The result is the compilation you see before you, The Denmaaahhrk Compilation. Expect nothing but fun times and great music in this album. You'll hear from the likes of Keyboard Rebel, Brynn and Entertainment for the Braindead (some of which have been featured on the blog.)

Aaahh Records: Remix is Love

Charming indie netlabel Aaahh Records is currently revamping their site. The good news is that before going off the net for a bit, they left us with this awesome compilation called Remix is Love. It's made up of some of the best tracks from their artists and if you're familiar with aaahh records, they dish out nothing but the best folk/ indie pop artists out there. Their current roster includes Entertainment for the Braindead, Uniform Motion, Emilie Lund, Keyboard Rebel, and The Wind Whistles. Of course, since it's a remix, most of the tracks sound nowhere from the original; making it interesting and fresh. If you are used to the sweet, folk pop sound of these bands' original sound, this is a refreshing way to hear or see them in a new light.

ne:o Ė direkt (live)

Ne:o is a German band that mixes a whole lot of genres to create an essentially artistic piece of work. The group recently released a live performance compilation to cap off their German tour last 2009. It wasn't meant to be the last group performance but until today it remains to be seen whether the guys will be getting back together or not. The album is available at Aaahh Records as well as on Internet Archive. Ne:o played songs from previous albums, ‚ne:omuzic‚, ‚musikkritik‚ and the critically acclaimed, ‚illoj‚. Listening to this band is like taking a wonderful, psychedelic music trip where you encounter layers and layers of sound as well as instruments that beautifully harmonize or mingle with each other. Take a listen.

Frau: Starlit Carousel

To say that this girl blows my mind is a complete understatement. The first time I came across this artist was from an Aaahh Records blog. The voice behind this record is actually an Indonesian singer. Ironically, she has named herself after the German word for woman, Frau. Starlit Carousel is her first album and is a beautiful compilation that features English as well as Indonesian tracks. If you love broadway musicals and can sincerely appreciate gorgeous vocal work; then you should listen to this album. Even if you don't understand the Indonesian songs, you'll definitely appreciate it still. It's hard not to rave about this album because every single piece of pop, jazz, theater/broadway inspired track is simply lovely. Plus, the voice is stunning. Besides, who can resist that cool album cover anyway? Check it out for yourself.

The Wind Whistles: Animals Are People Too

The Wind Whistles is an amazing indie folk pop duo from Canada comes out with their sweet and dreamy second release, Animals are People Too, under indie netlabel, aaahh records. Known for catering to artists that create great acoustic folk pop, sure enough this duo falls under the same category. With their melodic acoustic guitar, poppy chants and harmonic vocals, this album is filled with luscious, soothing sounds that will take you away into some beautiful poppy field and leave you basking under the warm glow of the sun. Definitely an album you can't miss out if you love aaahh records' roster.

Emilie Lund: Emilie Lund EP

Another amazing release from Aaahh Records, Emilie Lund is the latest folk genius to come out of Stockholm. Singing about her life and influences while growing up in a countryside town in Sweden under the wing of former hippie parents, Lund brings a fresh take onto the world of folk music. Her music is soothing and melancholic; soothing in its capacity to stop time and melancholic because it can make for a great background track to your homesick emotions and melancholia.

Entertainment for the Braindead: Roadkill

Entertainment for the Braindead is a moniker taken on by Julia Kotowski, a one woman band hailing from Cologne, Germany. Roadkill is the 5th full compilation from the singer/songwriter/instrumentalist. Known for her gorgeous folk music, this latest album is no exception. The record was born out of the artists desire to explore a new instrument, particularly the banjo. Playing with sweet reverie, her songs are filled with the beautiful strings of this country style instrument. Julia has been releasing music since 2007. Her first album Hypersomnia along with all her other releases are licensed under a Creative Commons and offered for free.

These Animals: These Animals EP

New York has always been home to some of the most interesting musicians and These Animals is one four-piece crew that you can easily add to this roster. The boys have just released their self-titled EP showcasing their brand of hipster style pop dance rock, and together with their previous album, Souvenir Sessions, made all of this musical goodness available as a free download through FrostWire. These Animals met in art school and decided to get together to form the band in 2010. Creating 60s style dance pop music, they showcase their various influences through their energetic sound and performances.