To say that this girl blows my mind is a complete understatement. The first time I came across this artist was from an Aaahh Records blog. The voice behind this record is actually an Indonesian singer. Ironically, she has named herself after the German word for woman, Frau.

Starlit Carousel is her first album and is a beautiful compilation that features English as well as Indonesian tracks. If you love broadway musicals and can sincerely appreciate gorgeous vocal work; then you should listen to this album.

Even if you don’t understand the Indonesian songs, you’ll definitely appreciate it still.  It’s hard not to rave about this album because every single piece of pop, jazz, theater/broadway inspired track is simply lovely. Plus, the voice is stunning. Besides, who can resist that cool album cover anyway? Check it out for yourself.

Trained in classical piano, Leilani Hermiasih decided one day that she wanted to inject some “fun” into her life. She thought, what better way to do that than to play some fun music with her beloved “partner,” Oskar; her piano?! Together, they create wonderfully upbeat broadway inspired tracks that are simply breathtaking. Combining her expertise in piano and her wonderful voice; Frau suddenly came into existence.

This awesome album opens up with one of the three English cuts in the record, I’m a Sir. It carries a happy, jaunty beat and is pretty catchy. The piano work is awesome and nicely combines with Frau’s exquisitely clean voice. The lyrics are also very enjoyable and descriptive. My favorites among the Indonesian tracks is Sepasang Kekasih Yang Pertama Bercinta Di Luar Angkasa. Okay, so I’m not quite sure how to pronounce it but the track is a melodic, love ballad that gorgeously showcases Frau’s vocals.

Starlit Carousel was released under Indonesian netlabel, Yes No Wave. It’s one of the more popular releases for the netlabel who debuted physical versions or CD copies of their artists’ albums starting with Frau’s record.

You can download the album for free  but if you want to help out the artist, feel free to purchase a physical copy of her album on her BandCamp page. I hear it carries its own surprises as well. Enjoy!

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