A fresh mix of indie, folk, pop, and a hint of alternative; Swear and Shake is definitely a treat to listen to. The New York City based foursome has just released their latest 5 track EP, aptly titled Extended Play.

This enchanting group is made up of Kari Spieler, Adam McHeffey, Shaun Savage and Thomas Elefante. Together, they create wonderful folk pop mingled with a beautiful acoustic touch, endearing vocals and characteristic jaunty tunes here and there.

Even though they are relatively new as a group, Swear and Shake enter the scene with their “game-on” faces fully plastered. This upbeat album opens with Being and Time. The track starts with heartfelt vocals matched with acoustic strumming then progresses into an uptempo indie pop cut. Reminds me of a fun summertime, rolling around the grass or maybe prancing around the garden enjoying the summer sunshine. It’s followed by the alternative gypsy sounding cut, The Promise. This one has a beautiful upbeat tempo and very cute lyrics.

Meanwhile, Johnnie, is a mellow, acoustic cut that features really gorgeous vocals from Kari. It’s a lovely cut that exudes melancholic emotion in its every note. One of my personal favorites in the compilation. The laid back Truckstop Flower and the reflective, Bones, cap off the entire compilation.

There’s no denying the fact that Swear and Shake know how to make amazing sounds. The quartet has a knack for creating a wonderful balance of emotion, instruments, vocals and lyrics; making you want to listen more and more. Their EP, Extended Play, is available as a free download under creative commons.

Despite being relatively new in the business, the group has opened for notable acts such as Alison Krauss, Ray LaMontagne and the Avett Brothers to name a few. Currently, they are going around performing live shows in various areas around Philly and NYC.

Over 200k downloads and some amazing performances later Swear and Shake is making a full length album – but not without your help! Check out their Kickstarter video and head to their page to help them out!

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