open source music

Andy Berkhout: Songs On Tape 2009

St. Louis songwriter, Andy Berkhout, might be best known as the dude who promised to release one free downloadable track for every week of 2010. This might have seemed like a completely ambitious project but so far, the singer has managed to keep his word. On top of this weekly song project, the artist has also delivered several full length records and EPs under his name. This includes this free indie folk chillout affair, Songs on Tape (2009), among others. His other records, particularly Be Silent (2010) and Wake Up For the Day (2009) are also available for sale on iTunes. Hit the download link and get the download from BandCamp. You can enter zero on the amount, but it won't hurt if you enter a donation as well. This guy definitely deserves it.

Quentin: A Gig At The Dachshund Breeder’s Club House

Quentin is a German band that spits out punk rock tracks that you might not understand but is definitely a hell-of-a-lot-of fun to listen to. This three piece German band has definitely got spunk and tons of attitude. A Gig At The Dachshund Breeder's Club House is said to be more than one-year in the making yet it seems to be the product of a spontaneous live performance or get together in the studio. It has plenty of energy, attitude and a touch of cheekiness here and there. Definitely a cool 7-track compilation worth checking out. It's a bit of pop, Brit rock, new wave and punk all rolled into one interesting and upbeat record. Give it a download.

Born From A Shore’s Friends

Born From a Shore's five track EP, Friends, is a luscious indie folk pop compilation filled with twinkling background sounds and cool vocals. Although it's hard to find information about this group, (I think they're French) their EP is still worth listening to. Friends comes with 5 catchy tracks that incorporates a cool pop, sometimes laid-back jazzy kind of vibe. The vocal harmonies are excellent and the quality of the recording is quite good as well. It's very clear and crisp; very professional. Go ahead and take a listen to this wonderful EP. It'll take you to a dreamy landscape filled with wonderful strings, awesome melodies and sweet vocals.

Lungs For Gills: One Man & Thousand Ghosts

Listening to Lungs for Gills feels like you are walking on a frost filled morning with nothing but the beautiful sound of nature and silence to accompany you. That may sound weird, but this four piece group certainly knows how to create an ethereal mood. The band hails from Quebec City and formed during the winter of 2010. Maybe it was the cold weather, but these guys definitely got something to be proud of. One Man & Thousand Ghosts feature songs that contain sweet lyrics, emotional vocals and lovely melodies. There are some that border on the rock edge but still has a sweet touch to it. Of course, the recording isn't as crisp as you'd expect from pros, nevertheless it adds a delicate rawness that makes the band even more endearing. Check out their tracks.

Greg Houwer: Sauna Planet

Pop rock indie artist, Greg Houwer, has recently released his 12 track full length album entitled, Sauna Planet. The album is a mix of pop rock with a slightly trippy, almost psychedelic vibe. It's released and made available online by WM Recordings. Most of the songs are accompanied with simple acoustic guitars, percussions and melodic low-pitch vocals. I won't recommend this record if you dislike anything that could potentially lull you to sleep. The entire feel of the album is that of a laid back compilation that you might want to play as background music if you are drifting off to sleep in your hammock. So if this is what you are looking for, then look no further than this compilation.

Watertank: Fairy Crimes

It's been awhile since I've checked in with my loud side. Here's one really loud metal, prog album for you then. Fairy Crimes is Watertank's latest record. It's a short 6 track compilation that's offered for free. Members of the band are based in France and seem to be heavily influenced by various metal, progressive and even hardcore bands. Heavy double bass drumming, loud and prominent guitars as well as occasional honey voiced vocals are prominently displayed in the band's sound. Watertank has been around since 2003 and have had their fair share of success. They've gotten the opportunity to share the stage with artists like Capricorns, Torche and Lair Of The Minotaur to name a few. Close that door of yours, turn the volume up and start rockin'!

Manors: Demo EP

This 3 song (aptly titled) Demo from Manors is a lo-fi bedroom recording of tracks from this cool girl band. Each track is raw and showcases a beautiful indie pop sound that you can only imagine as being more awesome if it had been professionally recorded and mastered. Even though the tracks have sub-par recording, it does contain a beautiful feel to it. The scratchy recording captures the spontaneity and the beauty of each instrument. Moreover, the experience is heightened by the 70s style vocal unison which is very pretty in places. Give this short a demo a run over and see whether you'll like it or not. One thing's for sure, this sweet compilation is destined as background music for plenty of summer fun.

Snowstar Records Compilation

Snowstar Records is a Dutch indie label that has been releasing some of the best new bands in their part of the globe since 2003. Several bands that belong in the label's lineup include I am Oak , The Subhuman, The Secret Love Parade and Grapes of Grain, just to name a few. To celebrate their 15th release, the label decided to compile some of the best tracks from their roster into one great thank-you album for their fans and supporters. The Snowstar Records Compilation features 10 cool tracks that hint at indie, folk, rock and even instrumental music.

Dilly Dilly: Of Art and Intention

The voice and face behind Dilly Dilly is actually Erin Olivia Davidson. This talented artist hails from Maine and is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist as well as vocalist. Of Art and Intention is the first full length compilation for the artist and comprises of weird instruments, indie pop beats and Dilly Dilly's ukulele. The sound is eclectic but happy; definitely perfect for a goofy and quirky day. Throughout her musical career, Erin has played in countless bands, both as a musician and collaborator. She released her EP, akidleadivy, and took up the moniker, Dilly Dilly. It was released somewhere between 2005-2006 after Erin's hiatus with her band Cerberus Shoal. Currently, Dilly Dilly has released this debut by experimenting with various instruments as well as using a MIDI. The result is a cute and fun album that's poised to be the soundtrack to plenty of happy times.