I Can’t Handle Change is a beautiful indie rock compilation from ROAR, an Arizona band spearheaded by Owen Evans, formerly of  Asleep in the Sea. Evans is joined by a couple of mates in creating a band that sounds like the lovechild of Rivers Cuomo and his “wide-spread power-pop influence” or maybe “Brian Wilson playing his piano in the middle of a sandbox filled with dog turds.”

I partly agree with the first description but for sure, the band sounds like they are happy making music that’s making other people (aka people like me) quite happy.

They mix a good dose of pop, indie rock and sweet melodies to make you want to hit playback over and over again. 

This 6 track compilation opens with the indie pop track, I Can’t Handle Change. With Evans’ apparent “obsession” of Cuomo, the song in parts does remind of a spaced out Weezer. The guitars are slightly jangly with hints of twinkling here and there. Vocal work is also quite Weezer-esque and the track, overall, opens the record beautifully.

Heart For Brains, on the other hand, is a melodic affair that is quirky but very sweet. The song is filled with lush guitars and a great blend of sounds that make you want to sleep. It’s all capped nicely with Evans’ very endearing voice. Another easy favorite is the 60s sounding cut, Duck or Ape. The song reminds me of old school video games, The Beatles and lots of sunshine. This one runs for a little over a minute only but it’s certainly a cool track to get lost in.

ROAR – I Cant Handle Change by mmcizmar

I Can’t Handle Change is certainly worth checking out. The entire album is short and sweet and knows how to tickle in the right places. Download for free or spare some lovin’ for the band by donating some cash or purchasing the album from iTunes.

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