The Beatles

West the Defender: Don’t Tell My Girlfriend

A six man band which was formed three years back in the east coast state of New Jersey, West The Defender enjoys drawing up inspiration from band behemoths like The Beatles, The Eagles, Incubus, Weezer, and Fountains of Wayne. They’ve also had their share of live performance stints at some of the best stages in their area such as The Stone Pony and Asbury Convention Hall. You can expect the same amount of indie-pop-rock in their first full-length album Don’t Tell My Girlfriend.

Tiny Danza: You Could Have It All…

It's not an understatement to call Tiny Danza's You Could Have it All... one of the most accessible and vibrant hip-hop album I've encountered in years. Hailing from Toronto, Ontario, this six-year old group traverses a variety of genres from hip-hop, dance to r&b. With musical influences like The Roots, Led Zeppelin, Donny Hathaway, Michael Jackson and The Beatles, it's not a surprise that the group's new album is a plethora of polished tunes and potent lyricism.

Adam Stern: Music Mondays

Adam Stern packages his goods in a tight, fresh set. Released last February 2011, Music Mondays offers nine pop-infused tracks that'll surely melt your ears with delight. Commonly referred as "The Dreamer Child", Adam is a popular Los Angeles based singer/songwriter that muses on love, heartbreak, war, peace and coexistence. Stern's music was greatly influenced by his childhood in Berkeley, CA , while devouring to the albums of The Beatles, Bob Marley and Michael Jackson. Since 2009, he had independently released 40 tracks including two full-length albums.

California Condors: Calm Carnivore

The California Condors is not just the name for the largest North American land bird, but also the equivalent of a 3 piece West Coast crew that plays some infectious contemporary indie rock along with a slight 60s/70s touch. These Orange County natives count The Beatles, Willie Nelson and Neil Young among their influences. Indeed their distinctive sound echoes with this influence.

Art Boys Collection: Stoned Wall

If you mix progressive rock with folk and psychedelia, you'll get the sound of the Art Boys Collection. This Austrian band has a penchant for infusing their music with dreamy acoustic guitars, wonderful vocal harmonies, some serious instrument work and (what was current then but now considered) retro vibe. It's like finding an old vinyl from the days gone by and popping it into your player. The nostalgia, the sound and aesthetics comes rushing in and sweeps you away. Stoned Wall is the one and only LP from this band. It contains all 12-tracks released by the band back in the 70s. Their actual vinyl record is quite rare and has become a collector's item among avid enthusiasts.

Roar – I Can’t Handle Change

I Can't Handle Change is a beautiful indie rock compilation from ROAR, an Arizona band spearheaded by Owen Evans, formerly of Asleep in the Sea. Evans is joined by a couple of mates in creating a band that sounds like the lovechild of Rivers Cuomo and his "wide-spread power-pop influence" or maybe "Brian Wilson playing his piano in the middle of a sandbox filled with dog turds." I partly agree with the first description but for sure, the band sounds like they are happy making music that's making other people (aka people like me) quite happy. They mix a good dose of pop, indie rock and sweet melodies to make you want to hit playback over and over again. Grab this download or help out the group by purchasing their record over at iTunes. Definitely worth it.