If you mix progressive rock with folk and psychedelia, you’ll get the sound of the Art Boys Collection. This Austrian band has a penchant for infusing their music with dreamy acoustic guitars, wonderful vocal harmonies, some serious instrument work and (what was current then but now considered) retro vibe. It’s like finding an old vinyl from the days gone by and popping it into your player. The nostalgia, the sound and aesthetics comes rushing in and sweeps you away.

Stoned Wall is the one and only LP from this band. It contains all 12-tracks released by the band back in the 70s. Moreover, their actual vinyl record is quite rare and has become a collector’s item (valued at around US$700 in mint condition) among avid enthusiasts.

Art Boys Collection is made up of Walter Holz (organ), Hans Joachim Holz (vocals, drums, percussion), Hubert Perfahl (vocals, guitar), Gerhard Bauer (vocals, guitar), Johann Aigner (bass), and Gerhard Egger (vocals, guitar).

Although the album might not appeal to everyone, the songs are very good. If you love 60s-70s rock and roll, several songs on this album will definitely find its way on your playlist. Some of my personal favorites include All My Life with its Beatles sound; Freedom, Voice of My Soul because of its wonderful rolling drums; and finally a carrier single, A Stone Wall.

The quality is quite good too, despite the fact that it’s decades old and transferred from vinyl. As mentioned, the tracks might only cater to a particular type of audience. No doubt prog and retro lovers will have no problem listening to this record. Personally, I enjoyed the album. Most of the tracks are very catchy and fun to listen to.

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