If you stumbled across Great Skies’ Summer Moments EP here in Frostclick and enjoyed it, then you might have a blast with this latest release from the artist. [shhht_12] (yes, that’s the title) is a 4-track compilation that’s filled with great electronic ambient tracks masterfully crafted by London producer, Matthew Wells aka Great Skies.

This 20 year old has been crafting great ambient downtempo sounds fit for a relaxing little getaway. It’s moody, atmospheric and definitely a great listen whether you’re looking for a new artist to love or you just want something to serve as background for your moody afternoon.

Although there’s nothing super spectacular about this compilation, it’s the utter simplicity and familiarity it has that makes it quite endearing. Each track is filled with quiet and lush sounds, along with a sprinkling of synths, samples and occasional vocals.

The second track, Breath in the Air, is my favorite. The song is relaxing with just the right amount of beats and samples to keep everything intriguing. Different Paths, on the other hand, introduces a slight uptempo sound while the last track, The Ghosts Follow Us is perhaps the most moody piece in the EP. It is both haunting and enjoyable with the drum machine providing a solid beat.

Overall, this short compilation is likable. It won’t break any records for originality but that’s also part of its charm. It also proves that Great Skies is an artist worth keeping an eye on especially if you love your downbeat electronic beats. You can grab the download over at Silencedmusic.com or just hit the download link above. It’s available for free.

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