Inspired by indie favorites Bon Iver, Racounters, The Shins, Sufjan Stevens and Kings of Leon, among others; it’s easy to make Daniel James your new favorite if you like the music of the artists mentioned.

Comfortable Cage flits between blueesy rock one moment and then moody folk rock to the next, entertaining the audience all the way through.

The album itself is a couple of years old and was recorded at “ma and pa’s house before they destroyed my studio and built a bigger kitchen…” according to the artist.

Even though it’s a home recording, Comfortable Cage is as beautiful as it can get. Thanks to James’ charming style, you’ll easily find yourself drawn to the tracks.

Living for the Freakshow, welcomes listeners to the quaint EP. Boasting acoustic guitars, a midtempo beat and some wonderfully gorgeous vocals; the song is tailor made for quirky afternoons spent with friends. Title track, Comfortable Cage, was written out of self-reflection. It was done in California at a time when the artist spent his longest time away from home. The slightly uptempo beat contrasts with his moody, sometimes dark singing style on this one.

Finishing the album, She’s the One is a simple and slow acoustic single while, Run From Under Your Thumb, features a slight country sound. Both are nice tracks to finish off  the feel-good compilation.

The EP is short but it emanates with a homey vibe; making you want to slap it on while doing house chores of if you want some good music to keep your afternoon a little brighter. Grab the download. This is currently available at a name your price option at BandCamp.

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