Month: February 2012

Franz Kafka: Metamorphosis

Spend that well-deserved personal time with a good book such as Franz Kafka's most popular novel, Metamorphosis. First published in 1915, this novella was considered as one of the supreme works of short fiction. Until now, this canonical piece is still widely studied in universities worldwide. Contemporary critics and academics have considered Kafka as one of the best writer in the 20th century. The term "Kafkaesque", which means surreal distortion or menacing complexity, has been formed after the German-language author.

Revolution, I Love You: We Choose to Go to the Moon

Philly based duo, Revolution, I Love You (R,ILY) comes out with their debut compilation We Choose to Go to the Moon. Despite being newcomers, they've been making quite the impression with their indie-electronic rock sound; motivating listeners to find out more about them after just one listen. Their 10-track album is filled with beautiful layers of synths, pianos and vocals. It's hard to believe sometimes that there's just two of them in the group instead of a full-on 3 or 5 piece. We Choose to Go to the Moon is essentially a hodge podge of pop, electronica, pop music and dance rolled into one lovely package.

God of Thunder

Here we have another little gem for the old-time gamers; a full-fledged 2D action called God of Thunder. The game takes on a very minimalist approach when it comes to the visuals and comes with no 3D realism thrown-in. It is simply meant to be played and enjoyed. Developed by Adept Software, the game is on the lines of the Norse God, Thor. This is a top-view game created by Ron Davies and published by Software Creations, way back in 1993.

Sincope: Close Moving

Tuscan-based duo Sincope travels through ambient horizons in their new album Close Moving. Released last January 27 under Sostanze Records, this three-track collection offers songs that paint dark emotional soundscapes. Sincope is composed of Matteo Puoti and Dario Balinzo. The musical duo was formed last 2006 and mainly focuses on ambient/electronic sound with a touch of abstract and orchestral music.


Have a knack for editing pictures and then uploading then on Facebook for all to see? Well, here is something that fits your app needs to the maximum level and that is Pixlr-o-matic. This app truly redefines the simplicity of 1-2-3 editing by making everything intuitive and simple. The app was created by one of the Top Developers on the Android Market, AutoDesk Inc., who has made quite a few mind boggling productive apps in the pat and Pixlr-O-Matic definitely takes cue from the legacy.

Chloe Blackwell: Emerging

Soulful with a touch of pop, Chloe Blackwell wins the heart of her listeners thanks to her strong and commanding voice. This 21 year old singer is currently based in London although she was originally from Midlands. Emerging serves as her debut EP. This four track compilation comes with a collection of jazzy tracks that combine beautifully with an R&B/soul vibe. The record was released over at BandCamp last December 2011 and is available at a pay-what-you-want option.

That’s Magic!

Brilliant as always, Whitestone Motion Pictures once again dazzles our eyes with That's Magic! This 14-minute musical revolves around a disenchanted magician who comes face to face with his own self doubt about magic in the world. A mysterious woman enters revealing the true meaning of magic, far from what the magician had originally conceived. This musical offers an antidote to its garish mainstream counterparts. The story is cleverly penned, it's concise but still captures the soul message of the short--that there's magic around us.

Dear Ale: Dear Ale

Dear Ale...'s self titled album employs a sound that will rock your socks off. The musical duo was formed in early 2009 when singer/songwriter Arlo Cook teamed up with Melbourne drummer Adrian Van Bloom. Dear Ale's music employs a unique blend of acoustic and rock with influences from Colin Hay, Ben Gibbard, Elliot Smith and Paul Dempsey. Their tracks exudes raw energy, fun and a lot of good vibes.