Philly based duo, Revolution, I Love You (R,ILY) comes out with their debut compilation We Choose to Go to the Moon. Despite being newcomers, they’ve been making quite the impression with their indie-electronic rock sound; motivating listeners to find out more about them after just one listen.

Their 10-track album is filled with beautiful layers of synths, pianos and vocals. It’s hard to believe sometimes that there’s just two of them in the group instead of a full-on 3 or 5 piece. We Choose to Go to the Moon is essentially a hodge podge of pop, electronica, pop music and dance rolled into one lovely package.

This cool duo of Rob Lindgren and Jason Reynolds, actually started playing music together since their highschool days. After more than six years playing together in various rock bands, they aimed for something more than rock and pop. Their epiphany came after holing up in a basement for two years; recording and creating music with strictly no live bass or drums. The result is this ingenious fusion of electronica pop rock that’s pleasant to the ears.

Opening with the wonderful, Graceful Steps; the song mixes soft pop vocals with piano work and a lovely catchy beat. It’s this “graceful” yet complicated sound that makes the band intriguing. They have no qualms about creating their own style opting to solve problems than going for what’s trite.

Some of the other tracks worth checking include, Anthem Underground, and its acoustic little beat as well as Just a Hopeful Boy, with its Aphex Twins bass influence. There are certain songs that go borderline cheesy on the lyrics, however, this is forgivable since the band’s strongpoint is their skill with mixing and creating a unique fusion of sound. I think it’s still a delightful record to check out. Grab the download over at their BandCamp page and enjoy.

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